Surveillance cameras or security camera system is definitely a wonder of modern technology upon which most of us rely for safety of our homes and offices. With a plethora of goodness to offer, it has gained boundless popularity as most efficacious security measure available ever.

All you need to do is install a system that meets all your security demands and then sit back and monitor from your smartphones, tablets and laptops or get in professionals to monitor.

Still in two minds about these systems? Here are their major benefits:


Surveillance Cameras
Deterring Crime:

Security camera system leaves your home crime deterrent. With cameras all around seldom anybody will dare to commit any misdeed. Presence of such camera in homes and offices brings you the sense of security and peace of mind.

Monitoring and Immediate Actions:

With these cameras you can keep an eye on your home while you are away. Many systems instantly alert you when any motion is detected or sensor is triggered, and you can take immediate actions by alerting your local police. With android and iOS apps, remotely monitoring your security and viewing videos has become a child’s play.

Amass Evidence Against Crime:

High-quality videos, sounds and images from these cameras help you gather evidence against crimes happening in and around your premises and in nabbing criminals easily. Clear images with perfect sound feeds, they prove to be best evidence in legal scenarios.

Watching Your Kids and Elderly Parents

It always feels better to know that your loved ones, especially your elderly parents and children are safe back at home while you are away. Having an extra pair of eyes on them, it becomes easier if there is any medical emergency back home. Smart security systems can send you alerts in case of medical emergencies too.

However, technologies do have some hitches. So do these surveillance systems. Let’s check them too.



As these surveillance systems become smarter, they also become costlier. For some systems, you need to buy cameras and separate disk or cloud space to store feeds. Buying enough number of cameras to have a total coverage of your place can prove to be a costly affair, though it’s worth all pennies expensed.


With cameras all around you, privacy is at stake. At places like offices and homes, constant surveillance means invasion of privacy, keeping you on heels that someone is watching you.


They can be easily disconnected or can be rendered useless in matter of seconds if a miscreant has knowledge of locations of your cameras. Dissecting power cables and connectors will leave the whole surveillance system dead. Further, if your system is wireless and wifi enabled, as are most these days, chances your system getting hacked is high. Imagine somebody knows your password or fidgets with your system, controls it and watches all your videos. It is highly recommended to change passwords as frequently as possible to avoid such instances.

Security systems are efficient crime deterrents and keep you alert. Seeing the ever-rising crime rates, they have become much necessary for every household, offices and commercial spaces. Before arriving at any decision regarding installation of security systems, do check for their reviews from a reliable site like that provides an in depth analysis of all best sellers in market. Get equipped with complete knowledge about these systems and choose the one that meets your needs. Stay safe, stay secured.