At the present time, parents are too busy to control their children at all times. Adults have no opportunity to check what the kids do on the Internet, what websites they visit, who they contact, and what they write in the social networks. There are many software programs available for concerned and watchful parents these days. The specific software, such as WebWatcher, Keystroke, and Keylogger, are designed for recording all activity of the person under control with dates, screenshots of visited sites, and their messages.

Refog has an option to send the report about the controlled computer to the specified e-mail. The controlling person can record all usernames and passwords, even passwords appear as asterisks on the screen. Even documents that were protected by the most advanced encryption can be captured. The program may have a color based warning system about what the child posts, download, and the words he uses in the chat. Some parents would like it, other wouldn’t.

Benefits of Parents’ Control

These programs run in the hidden way, not to be shown on the desktop or the control panel. No need to be physically present near the child’s computer to get the needful information, because programs are flexible enough and allow the user to monitor the computer in question from any other computer, named as associated one. Due to presets, this software can either block the access to the dangerous or unwilling web resources or/and inform the monitor about problems.

The safety of children is the paramount goal for parents. Many cases are known when all kind of maniacs abused the children’s trust for their criminal or uncensored goals. Knowing about everything that is going on your child’s computer, parents can be well informed about the child’s behavior and inclinations to take educational actions in time. It would be better to tell the children that their computers are under constant supervision. This fact will lead them to be more responsible and selective in their online actions.

For being well informed about your children’s online life, the specific software monitors online chat conversation details, websites to visit, incoming and outgoing emails, downloading images, and so on. The parent can immediately get e-mails with notifications with the rating from the light problem to the severe one. Weekly reports are also sent to parents with an average rating score. This is also an additional protection from viruses and spy programs. Digital Connect Mag recommends Snapchat spy if you are looking to spy on target’s Snapchat and other social media.

Shortcoming of the Software

Reports concern not only images and posts, but the mates to communicate depending on their age and the group to belong as well. Sometimes the guys with bad intentions are disguising their real age. On the other side, there could be family members, who are of the different age, will be blocked or produce system alarms.

A lot of efforts were made to develop the software to detection bad words, but this software is still not perfect, especially with slang words or the words with mistakes. The parent may get alerts when the child is not guilty at all. These programs developers surely had good ideas and intentions, but in fact, too many alerts are raised about words, images, and websites for nothing.

The program collects the data about credit cards, passwords, and other private information. Therefore, it is recommended to switch it off when the user makes online purchases or control his bank accounts because hackers potentially can find the way to this program and steal the information. The software of this kind is to be used with caution.

Then, the teens can be insulted by the intrusion in their personal affairs, which can effect on the confidential relations in the family. This is very simple software that can be easily uninstalled and bypass it. Most modern prodigies can figure out how to do it.

This kind of software is highly popular with adults nowadays. Despite constant useless warnings and unreasonable bans, the users may contact the program developers through the custom support and the last will assist in the additional setting and debugging. This software can be used not only for parental control but for multi-purpose computer monitoring, both at home and at work. The decision to use it depends on the morality of the person and of the situation as well.