Imagine that you want to throw a big party, so big that you have plans to cater to a hundred guests. And you go ahead to have everything all cut out appropriately – the food, the set, the wines – just the way you thought your guests might like them.

Rightly assuming that your guests will find out about your party by themselves, you failed to send anyone an invitation. And to your utmost surprise, nobody showed up!

That is exactly the kind of situation you’re setting your YouTube channel for if you don’t start promoting it aggressively today.

Nobody is obliged to find your channel on YouTube. If anything, people are there to find answers to their pain points. As such, they will only go with the channels that they either know or can easily find. 

So if you truly believe you have the solutions they seek, then you need to find a way to bring your content to them – YouTube promotion!

These tips below should help you on that front.

Improve On Your Video SEO

To inform more and more people about the existence of your YouTube channel/your videos, improving the SEO behind your content is a no-brainer. And by SEO, we don’t just mean YouTube SEO, but traditional “Google SEO” too. 

The world of Google searching has evolved so much that nowadays, when people search for items, Google presents them with results from YouTube too.

So in order to be a part of these results displayed on Google search results, you must work on your SEO. 

These Tips Should Help On That Front:

  • Research and use target keywords in your titles and descriptions. If possible, mention the keywords a couple of times in your videos.
  • Make sure your videos get engagements like (likes, comments, views, etc.). The more engagement you garner, the better your chances of being recognized by the two search engines. To get your engagement game started, you can buy YouTube views/likes from platforms like Stormviews.
  • Use tags and categorization to help search engine algorithms locate you.
  • Create lengthy videos (YouTube and Google believe in a detailed description of subjects).

Customize Your Thumbnails

Another effective technique you can use to promote your YouTube content is thumbnails. When you think of thumbnails, you can think of them as a way of standing out from the competition. With over 300 hours of visual content uploaded on YouTube every minute, YouTube searchers are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a video to watch.

However, if someone has an attention-grabbing snapshot (thumbnail) staring at them in the face, they will be more interested in clicking on the post. 

Cross-Promote Your Videos On YouTube

If you’re lucky enough to already have some viewers/subscribers on some of your old videos, then you need to start taking advantage of this group of audience to promote your latest videos. With YouTube content, chances are the same people who viewed your past posts will be the same set of interested folks for new ones. So why not help them easily find your new posts by dropping their links in the descriptions of older videos?

Run A cContest Or A Giveaway

I had personally subscribed to a guy’s YouTube channel before just because he offered some of his courses for free on Udemy. At the time, I didn’t have enough to purchase courses, and I needed to continue learning, so after completing the free sessions on Udemy, I had to continually check his YouTube page in case there were new videos to consume.

All you have to do is organize a contest or a giveaway and find a way to inform your target audience about it (don’t be like the party guy in our introduction who assumed that his audience would know). Even though you’re the one giving out free things, you still need to take the information to the place where the consumers are.

Trust me; they will either subscribe to your channel after the giveaway or return to see if there are more contents to consume.

Try Live Stream

YouTube live videos are another opportunity to go viral on YouTube. Thanks to the recent buzz on Instagram, Zoom, Facebook, and Periscope, people are now more interested in live videos. And the buzz is now starting to infect YouTube too.

However, unlike other social platforms, YouTube live videos are more education-oriented, meaning that you need to serve people videos that solve their needs and not those Instagram-esque videos that entertain them. 

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Examples Of How You Can Use YouTube Live:

  • Webinars
  • Q&A sessions
  • Product demonstrations
  • Live debates
  • Live tutorials

Collaborate With Other YouTube Channels

One of the keys to a successful YouTube promotion collaboration is working with brands that are relevant to your own YouTube niche. Remember, since each collaboration exposes you to a new audience, the last thing you want is for this new audience to be people that don’t buy what you sell. 

If done right, YouTube collaboration is a surefire technique you can trust to bring instant results. So be sure to pick your partners right.