A personal statement is one of the most responsible academic papers. It’s a pretty interesting paper because it’s not based on any scientific research. This is a subjective piece of writing about the person that writes the statement. This official document is included in compulsory papers when a student applies to an educational institution. If it is written properly, a student may be accepted to a concrete college or university. Oftentimes, strongly written personal statements played a decisive role during the procedure of promotion to an educational institution.

Many students apply for business schools. This direction is very popular. It promises great perspectives to earn money and respect. Of course, it’s not easy as well. In case, you have to write a personal statement for a business school your task may become even more complicated.

If you face this challenge, you should take it seriously. You should know how to compose this project effectively to impress the admission committee. Every personal statement consists of 5 major sections. Each has its own purpose and an applicant to disclose the purpose plainly and impressively. Consider the following sections:

  1. Academics.
  2. Engagement.
  3. Relevant work experience.
  4. Hobbies and interests.
  5. Conclusion.

Let’s disclose each section in greater details.

Section #1

The first section of this responsible project is the introduction and is devoted to your academics. You should provide the admission committee with the main goal of your statement. Your target has several sub-targets. It’s necessary to:

  • explain why you want to study at this institution;
  • clarify what contribution you can make;
  • tell why the program of the chosen business school fits your plans;

You should answer these questions in the introductory part. It’s likewise necessary to mention subjects that are relevant to your course. Explain why they captivate you and make so enthusiastic.

Section #2

The second section is devoted to your engagement beyond the classroom. Mention real cases when you used your knowledge and skills outside the classroom. This shows that you are really interested in what you study. You have to convince the members of the admission committee with facts out of real life. Don’t pretend that you did something that never happened to you. This information can be easily checked. Honesty is one of the most important personality traits the members will be looking for.

Section #3

It is good when a student has a real practice. You should think this matter over and if you don’t have any experience it’s the high time to get involved in some business projects. When a person has some experience, he or she understands his/her purpose clearer. Thus, the committee members will recognize that you know what you’re talking about.

For example, you may work as a volunteer and describe some problems you have faced. Tell how you managed them. Even if you failed to overcome definite obstacles, don’t be ashamed of it. You’re still very young and inexperienced. Promise that you will find the solution later. Show that you are determined and goal-oriented. These qualities are likewise important.

Section #4

Though most of your story is dedicated to your professional and academic goals and achievements, you should not focus only on them. The committee officers would like to learn you better and analyze your persona from different angles. Personality traits are important as well and help to make the picture completed.

Therefore, section #4 focuses on your hobbies and interests. This is real freedom of thought. You’re not anymore obliged to highlight your academics. Your main interests may be related to quite different spheres of our life.

Section #5

Your conclusion is similar to the final stages of any other piece of writing. You should sum up the entire story. Be concise and logical. Tell once again why you think you can fit this or that business school. Thank your admission officers for reading your writing. Remember that they have to read hundreds and maybe thousands of other personal applications.

Important Things to Know

We would like to pay your attention to some other points that will help to compose a worthy piece, as well as will help to avoid some great mistakes. Consider the next points:

  • Choose the appropriate style

You cannot write in frivolous style. Adult and educated people will read your paper. Therefore, your style must be formal but with some portion of originality. Your statement is supposed to make you step out of the crowd. Use proper and vivid language.

  • Don’t overdo.

Your application should reveal what makes you so special. However, you should never lose control of the monologue. Many students write too many details that don’t make a big impact. Be straight to the point and never go astray.

  • Follow the rules

You cannot exceed the volume of your paper. The maximal size is 4,000 characters and 47 lines. If you choose a certain writing format, you should follow its rules as well.

  • Be honest

Never lie! Many students try to embellish their stories and write about events they’ve never been through. This is no good because this information can be checked.

  • Revise

Don’t be lazy and reread your statement to avoid some awful mistakes. Do it several times and use various revision techniques.

Remember these expert tips borrowed from a team of highly skilled personal statement writers with advanced skills. Stick to them. They are important and help to write a professional personal statement from scratch.