IT Professionals have to perform install and uninstall of several applications throughout the day on PCs connected via LAN (Local area network). Lighter applications may be installed quickly but heavier application takes relatively longer time and requires an extra efforts. These tasks are challenging and take lot of time. To reduce this extra effort and save your time, a number of software vendors developed useful utility to automate the whole process by allowing multiple installations at the same time on targeted PCs connected over remote network.

These tools were severely useful in saving bunch of time for IT professionals and thus, becoming popular day by day. EMCO MSI Package builder is one of the most popular and indigenous utility that offers batch installation of heavier applications in minimum possible time. The theory for remote deployment is very easy to understand and follow. This remote deployment tool tends to use traditions setup file (exe) and convert it into MSI package which can be used to perform silent installations on remote PCs without asking for any confirmations or actions at the end user.

Product Review –EMCO MSI Package Builder Review - 5.2

The tool has intuitive interface and easy to follow project creation wizard that offers step by step guide to ensure that you can easily create MSI Packages and deploy it over networked PC without causing any damages or registry corruption to the targeted PC. Follow steps mentioned at below URL to create MSI Packages in seconds:

Application Interface

This tool is equipped with powerful functionalities and capability to detect every minor or major system changes and ensure the system stability. Additionally, it’ll offer extremely easy project creation wizard to make the overall process even simpler.

Welcome screen will be displayed once the software installation is completed and you’ve started it from the home screen or ‘All Programs’ window. You’ll able to locate all the major actions of this application on the home screen such as Repackage installation, Project setup, Start monitoring capture etc. On the left hand side of the opened wizard, ‘Recent Projects’ option will be highlighted to open the most recent project you’ve worked. This is just an example how EMCO created the overall journey not only simple but as straightforward as possible.

You can find an in-depth software interface overview at the below URL:

Installation Repackaging

It is an important step that offers you easiest possible way to create MSI package that are adjusted with system requirement and ensure system stability wherever possible including the successful remote application deployment. It’ll help create MSI packages from existing installations and monitor the file system as well as the registry changes made by the installed programs on remote PCs.

Product Review –EMCO MSI Package Builder

Low-level Repackaging

Many times, IT professionals have certain sets requirement that needs to be fulfilled to achieve the desired goal. EMCO MSI Package Builder offers convenient ways to create customized MSI packages with user-defined rules including automated MSI creation wizard. Additionally, it lets you group multiple applications into one single package and perform multiple application installation simultaneously.

Keep in mind that wrong entries and bad customization settings could damage the targeted PC performance and may prevent you to access it permanently. So use it with caution.

Perform Install, Uninstall, Update, Repair etc. on Remote PCs

Don’t worry if certain applications producing errors or creating hurdles in smooth operation, you are free to repair it remotely. Additionally, you can also install updates available to any application installed on remote system.

This tool will help IT administrators and support professionals in managing applications on remote PCs effortlessly and in few easy steps. You can perform all of these actions over Remote PCs using this tool by preparing new or converting existing installations to MSI packages.

Who can use it?

The tool is available for anyone to use and test. Though, Large organizations and enterprise needed this tool to make their PC management task simpler and trouble free.

The tool is basically available in two versions: Professional and Enterprise edition. You can choose any of them in accordance to your requirement and management needs.