Every business involves competition. Your competitiveness is what makes you survive. If your products meet demand requirements in terms of price, quantity, and quality, you are sure to succeed. To stay relevant in the business space, you have to review your price regularly.

To improve your company’s competitiveness, you have to take note of your price index. The goal is to keep your price index equal to or above the reference figure. 

What Exactly Is The Price Index?

The price index is a percentage scale for measuring the average price of goods. The producer price index measures the costs of the goods businesses buy. The customer price index has to do with goods households buy. 

The price index of commodities in different sectors, like retail and wholesale, may differ even at the same time. Even within an industry, say the wholesale industry, the prices of each item will be different in different locations.

The price index determines your level of competitiveness with your competitors. It helps you to balance your prices and set competitive prices.

How To Determine Your Price Index

To retain your level of competitiveness, you have to maintain a reasonable price for your goods consistently. Your price index determines your level in the business. There are tools for tracking the prices of your competitors’ goods. 

These tools gather firsthand information on your competitors’ price tags for the same products you have in the market. This information will give you an idea of their prices and inform your price allocation.

Monitoring your competitors’ prices for products will give you an insight into how they price their goods. You can track their pricing strategies and patterns that will shape your pricing better.

What Makes Price Index A Key Metric For Measuring Your Competitiveness?

For several reasons, the price index is at the center of business success.PI enables you to set the appropriate prices for your products. The price index shows the position of your products. It tells if your price is lower than the reference figure or not. 

The price index gives you the average price for products. Demand for your product goes up if your price is below average. However, you have to consider your profit margin. A balanced price is one that will attract sales without running you into a loss. 

With the PI as a reference point, you can set a balanced price in relation to your competitors. To get it right, you should list professional services. A great choice is to set the best price for your products with the NetRivals Pricing software.


Setting the right price for your products is essential to staying in business. You have to have a favorable price and do healthy competitive pricing. Your price index is a pillar in building your business empire.