Social networks have become part and parcel of today’s world with a high level of hyper connection. Over the years, professional profiles have displayed the ability to take advantage of social networks to act as necessary tools to expand companies, brands and entrepreneurs who wish to develop and grow their projects using the internet.

For a company that aims to grow on the internet and expand its business idea past the local sphere, its priority has to be social media numbers or community manager’s figures. Online presence is weighed through followers, the impact created by the posts, and monetizing these social media platforms.

Online presence that is prominent will be of significant importance for e-commerce. Striving to gain more followers can result in so many benefits for the company’s brand. However, it won’t be of much reputation for the company’s brand.

Companies such as Socially Fan have succeeded in finding a market niche through social media. They now offer products that aim to increase popularity on social media platforms through followers and likes on Instagram. 

Impacts generated by purchase of interactions

Purchase of interactions mostly responds to a specific number rather than a real result of users following the account. There is a method that is used to detect whether a certain profile has bought followers. There can be the presence of suspicious names, sudden increase of followers, low online activity of these accounts and the presence of online tools that warn of fake profiles.

Besides being a regular practice in social media, it’s not negative all the time since it can be used as a pathway towards getting more media dominance. Notoriety is gotten through it, generating an impact that can’t b achieved easily by organic means.

If this same scenario is compared to the web positioning, then the SEM can be taken under consideration to be a similar proposal since what a company does most is promoting its brand on the internet via paid advertising.

The negative consequence of social media platforms is that they can detect the abnormal growth of followers or interactions is lying and affecting its performance. It ends up giving a bad reputation to the profile or account that is using this practice.

Gain social network followers to build the image of the brand or for personal satisfaction

In all facets of life, be it on the internet and social media platforms, most of the time, cheap ends up being expensive. There is nothing reprehensive in seeking help from companies such as Socially Fan, which are specialized in increasing social media followers and popularity. This is because once a strategy has been put in place and includes this option, activity in social networks with quality content is increased.

However, there is always a temptation to increase the number of a community as quickly as possible. In social networks, the number of followers and likes always measures the popularity of a profile and there must be a clear difference between the two aspects. These aspects are; actions that only have one idea in place, which is to grow a media impact and actions that are aimed at improving the presence of the brand while at the same time promoting quality publications.

The era in which we live is highly influenced by social networks, which have become an actual stage through which we display our lives. It is for this reason that business ideas that companies propose don’t have to be criminalized. Instead, they need to make the most out of it and abide by the rules laid down by the social media platforms.

If social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are against the act of buying followers the same way Google can act against duplicate content, then maybe the only solution is to know how to work with the available tools. This can be done by producing quality content. 

Organic growth driven by real activity

Buying followers is a shortcut to gaining growth, but the dynamics do not have to stop there because that would mean cutting a long way that leads to the company’s reputation deteriorating.


The real hard work comes after the action. Positively impacting the real community. The presence of professionals in social networks such as community managers is important. They can design a growth strategy through which social networks, web positioning, email marketing and user experience will be compatible and where non-organic channels are discussed.