The Poker Singapore Team partners with BetVision online gaming website as they head to the city of Gevgelia, North Macedonia for the International Federation of MatchPoker (FMP) Nations Cup’21. The match proper takes place from 23-27 May 2022, and will feature the cream of the crop of match poker players in the world.

BetVision Lends Full Support to Singapore Poker

BetVision, which is renowned for live casino online poker Singapore, as well as its sportsbook betting and slots, will be featured on the Nations’ Cup ‘21 jerseys of the SG National Tea The premier gaming destination is a perfect fit for the team, being one of the most trusted online betting venues in Southeast Asia.

Other sponsors of the team include Legend of Cards New Farm Capital and the Poker Federation of Singapore. 

Female Power in Poker Singapore

Fourteen nations overall will be participating in the Nations Cup’21. The Poker Singapore National Team will be headed by a female, Lisa Tan Meiling making them one of two teams with a female captain (the other being Kazahkstan), Tan is no stranger to the spotlight, as she has been a top perfomer in past Nations Cups, as well as the first woman to win the prestigious Manila Megastack Event.

Meet the Team

And just like a box of poker chips, Singapore’s National Team is composed of talented individuals who have honed their craft through participation in events such as the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and the Manila Megastack event. 

Below are the pokerstars Singapore who will be carrying the flag at the Nations Cup in North aMacedonia.

1. Lisa Tan Meiling (Captain)

  • Manila Megastack Event winner (first female winner); broke ground for female Singapore poker players.

2. Zefirelli Noordin (Vice Captain/Asst. Team Manager)

  • Veteran Player; also serves as Liaison for the Team.

3. Phua Tzai Wei (Coach)

  • Former Singapore Poker Captain; Manila Megastack 2018 winner and 19th place in WSOP.

4. Darren Wee Hee Joon (Coach)

  • Veteran participant; renowned for winning in-game poker strategies.

5. Lim Min Soon (Team Consultant)

  • Winner of Triple Crown of the Singapore Poker Championship Series.

6. Norbert Koh (Player)

  • Ranked 2nd in Global Poker Index Singapore; final table mainstay in WSOP and Asian tournaments.

7. Ivan Tan (Player)

  • Runner-up in Asian Poker Tournament (APT) Main Event Macau 2007; one of the pioneers of poker Singapore. 

8. Keith Joel Seah Jia Qiang (Player)

  • Entrepreneur; Placed 2nd in APT Championship Philippines 2017 Main Event.

9. Phyllis Chua (Player)

  • Transitioned from recreational online poker player to cash and tournament ace; playing since 2015.

10 . Feng Zhao (Player)

  • Ranked number 1 in the Singapore Global Poker Index. Included in top 10 of SG’ss all-time money list.

11. Lin Ruizi (Player)

  • Lawyer by profession; helped SG Team in Asia Qualifiers for Nations Cup 

Online Poker Updates

As of this writing, the Singapore poker team placed first in the preliminary round after six sessions, sending them through to the Finals Round. They ended with 2,876 points in total, 19 points clear of second-placers Kazakhstan, who are also in the finals. The four other countries who made it were Estonia, Germany, Israel and Lithuania. 

Whatever the final result, BetVision is proud of the Singapore Match Poker Team, and will be cheering them on as they bring their unique brand of gaming in the Nations’ Cup!

Followers of online poker, as well as Singapore sports enthusiasts can follow the SG match poker team’s events at the Nations Cup on Facebook (@SGMatchpokerteam) and Twitter. (@sgmatchpoker)