We’ve been hearing about digitalization ever since the Y2K bug threatened to “end” the contemporary society. What is digitalization? Well, in broad terms, it is bringing all the “analog” processes we took for granted and make them more accessible.

Accessibility is a great part of digitalization. This was achieved thanks to the integration to the internet, with every new “smart” device having a connection to the online services.

Digitalization has literally re-invented the way we interact with the world. Newer, better and faster methods for interacting, connecting, shopping and other activities are now integrated into our everyday life. Can we really imagine our daily routines without our smartphone? Thanks to digitalization, our contemporary culture and society is changing, and entertainment like casino games are becoming more and more relevant – use this guide to see exactly how.

The future keeps getting brighter thanks to digitalization:


  • We can travel from one remote place on Earth to another thanks to interactive maps
  • We can order things from another continent and have them shipped in days instead of months
  • There is a strong emphasis on community, sharing interests and new ideas keep arising that improve the life of people
  • Social Networks being social barriers down and help unite people
  • Gaming has become bigger than ever and even more accessible from multitude of devices

Let’s examine the big three though in greater detail. The things that change society in more than one way. There are of course more elements of digitalization, so let’s focus on a few.

Makeup Goes Virtual

All right, let’s be honest – this one is really not helpful to anyone, apart from marketers. Thanks to Photoshop, make up has become unnecessary at least when it comes to online photos.

It is no wonder then that the phrase “creating unrealistic expectations” is the unsung definition of Photoshop. The program is of course used for more than just “face lifts” of celebrities but who can compete with the controversy revolving Kim K.’s retouched buttock.

For better or worse, Photoshop is now hailed as one of the biggest designer and marketing tools. It helps furnish the world with new details and works of art, even if they sometimes involve making celebrities look like plastic dolls (and missing a limb or two).

Online, Mobile, VR -Gambling

Gambling has constantly evolved but no evolution came more rapidly than the one caused by digitalization. From a century or two spending cash in brick and mortar casinos, we can now play on our desktops, smartphone or tablet or a VR device.

In just two short decades we have such a huge leap in variety and capabilities that gambling can offer, it is unprecedented.

First, the now “old” online casinos, bingo and poker rooms. Truly archaic if you ask us but still around.

Next, the Flash revolution which brought animation, better visuals and for the first time – instant play casinos!

This was then taken by storm of the mobile revolution – mobile casinos popping up everywhere. Gambling apps have exploded, with HTML5 bringing casinos on mobile browsers as well.

Lastly, we see the future that is completely VR embedded. That’s right – we have come from physically visiting a casino to putting a device and going there – virtually.


E-shopping: Delivery by Drones and the Future of shopping

Perhaps the biggest change arrives in the form of digitalized shopping. Who doesn’t want to spend 3-4 hours running up and down stores, looking for something that is sold out.

Thanks to modern online shops we can pretty much deliver anything online – food, clothes, PC parts, house appliances, etc. There is really no reason why to go out unless you really want to.

Things are getting crazier by the moment thanks to new devices being developed for faster delivery. Amazon has been testing flying drones to bring your stuff faster and they are close to implementing this on regular basis.

What’s even cooler is the fact that we can pay using only our smartphone so there’s no need for cash nor credit cards. Shopping is going fully digital and the future does look like a lot of fun.