Gone are the days where any photo would do. Pictures must be perfect because you never know who will be looking at them later on and people have set the bar really high. Editing photos started out as a craze but it’s now a necessity and software for this is now widely available.

Editing out blemishes and improving the appearance of photos can be such a tedious task with many aspects to look at. Photolemur makes this whole process much easier on the editor. It uses Artificial Intelligence to edit photos and so the editor only gets to decide whether they want the photo to look more vivid or realistic. Created by a team of UK-based developers, photographers and entrepreneurs, Photolemur requires minimal human involvement to get results.

Features that get it done like magic

The program runs on 12 discrete technologies that enhance various aspects of photos. They work on smart dehaze, color recovery, exposure compensation, sky enhancement, natural light correction, tint perfection, foliage enhancement, RAW processing, horizon straightening and JPEG fix. Face retouching and noise reduction will also be a part of the package. It produces better results with RAW files than with JPEGs but the results are still good depending on photo quality.

The app has learnt what certain aspects of images should look like and this is what allows it to enhance photos. It can process millions of pixels per second and all without any technical input from the user. Images look sharper with foliage and skin looking brighter.

There are few buttons to press so there is a very minimal chance of pressing the wrong button and ruining the whole thing. You place images by dragging them onto the designated workspace or click on the “Load Photo” tab on the top left. It supports all popular photo formats including RAW.

Once uploaded, images will have a slider running down the middle. This line clearly shows the difference before and after filters. Another slider at the bottom with “Vivid” and “Realistic” written on either end allows you to choose how subtle the changes will look. This is as interactive as the software gets since it does everything else on its own. It also has a crop feature that allows you to cut out sections of the photo. The rotate feature also works as usual.

When you are satisfied with the results you can either upload it or export it. Uploading it (using the icon on the top right corner) enables you to send the image via email, iMessage (for Mac users) and share it on social media including Facebook and Twitter. Exporting doesn’t have these options but will allow you to export more than one image uploaded into the software.

Saving or sharing photos will help “train” the software. With time it learns and adjusts to how the different objects should be edited and applies these criteria to future images. Unsaved photos are “blacklisted” while saved photos are considered “successes” and the software feeds off the patterns of the successes.


  • It is easy to use with the user interface having minimal controls. This reduces the chance of going wrong. Using AI also eliminates the need to learn what the different controls achieve thus saving time and energy.
  • It can work on about 40 images at the same time.
  • It automatically detects and corrects anomalies on photos.
  • It is compatible with Raw and other common photo file formats.
  • There is no use of expensive photography gear yet photos come out looking professional.
  • It is going for the special offer of $29 until January 31st, after which it will go for $49 and this caters to a perpetual license.
  • Its fast processing speed and batch processing capabilities free up a lot of time that you can use for something more useful and productive.
  • It is available throughout with no time restrictions.


The biggest downside to this software is the minimal manipulation. Some individuals may like their photos a certain way as a form of signature or maybe just out of preference and reducing controls takes this privilege away.

It is also only available for Mac for the time being but Windows users can preorder it and wait for the release of the Windows version.


The app has worked for a large number of files and files of different formats and orientation. It works seamlessly and the speed is quite fast but will depend on the number of files being processed. The results are stunning and especially because the most you have to do is upload the photos and move a slider left or right. Its price tag is also reasonable and much less than you would spend on coffee. Photos are a staple now and Photolemur delivers studio quality photos without borrowing the neighbor’s camera or breaking the bank.