Companies are becoming more and more dependent on the internet to run their business. So much that some companies run their entire company online through the internet without an office or permanent location.

One of the largest vulnerability to a company is not the computers themselves  but actually the person who is behind it.

They are called phishing attacks, where assaulters send e-mails to discover info such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers by making believe to be a respectable company or individual.

Sending a phishing email is one of the most popular cyber attacks on businesses. These attacks are so effective because they are targeting innocent victims who can’t tell the email is fake because they look convincingly real.

These strikes are growing every year and are costing businesses millions of dollars a year. After checking out these phishing strike statistics will help your staff members to find and dismiss phishing strikes.

Rising Threat of Phishing $500M

Graphic Source: Inspired E-Learning Phishing Facts

Benjamin works at Inspired E-Learning to help small businesses with their security awareness training to keep them safe.  He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their companies while keeping them protected from online attacks.