Petya malware has been affecting large businesses, government organizations and many other people around the world.

Currently Petya has become a global epidemic and it is only spreading from computer to computer.

The virus bears a strong resemblance to WannaCry which was a devastating ransomware that infected over 230,000 computers across 150 countries recently.

The malware was initially thought to be a form of ransomware because it demanded payment.

The payment was soon discovered to be a disguise.

Petya is Much More Dangerous Than Ransomware

Petya contains a trojan virus inside it which infects the computer once Petya enters into the unsuspecting computer.

The trojan virus infects the computer, stealing usernames and passwords allowing the cyber criminals access into various accounts to steal large amounts of money.

Luckily for you, we are extremely experienced when it comes to dealing with malware so defending against Petya malware before it makes its way to your computer won’t be a problem at all.

How to Defend Against Petya Malware

1. Install Antivirus Protection

We know that antivirus has what it takes to secure your computer from Petya malware no matter what. antivirus protection software allows you to scan your computer and has multiple layers of defense so that no malware can step foot onto your device.

2. Turn on Automatic Updates

Updates contain patches in them to fix holes in your system. Your device has more holes in it than you think. Cyber criminals use these holes to breach into your phone and steal your data from you completely.

By turning on automatic updates, you ensure that your computer is much harder to get into.

3. Backup Your Computer (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)

Always keep a backup version of your computer ready to go so that in the rare event that your device is compromised, your files will not be lost.

4. Only Use An Administrator Account When Necessary

Petya malware works by infecting your system through the administrator account. If you get infected while you are in a regular Standard User Account, you will be completely safe.

For regular day use, we recommend you constantly use a regular Standard User Account. Only use the Administrator Account when you have to.

5. Disable Your Windows Computer From Rebooting If it Crashes

Once the computer has crashed, do not turn it back on. You’re going to want to take the computer to a specialist who can remove your local disk and safely transfer it over.

Once the local disk is removed, the specialist can remove the data from the drive and return it to you safely. Then he can clean out the disk so that the Petya malware is removed from your computer and your files are safe.

It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

While these precautions may be a bit of a hassle to complete, they are completely necessary when considering how common it is these days to get infected with malware.

It’s either you putting in a little bit of work now to protect your computer or you spending a lot of money and time in the future because you didn’t secure your computer now.