The policy of one of the most advanced mechanical and structural design software companies, AutoDesk, is that new products can be leased out to users for a monthly fee. The cost depends on the type of product, the number of licenses in one contract, as well as the duration of the temporary lease. However, outdated and used intellectual products are no longer permanently owned by the developer, are of no particular interest to him, and they are freely sold on the market, such as the perpetual AutoCAD 2017 license, which allows the consumer to pay for the intellectual product only once and become his full owner.

AutoDesk AutoCAD 2017 Software Information

AutoDesk AutoCAD 2017 is versatile design software that was introduced to the market at the end of March 2017. Users and market experts noted the presence of a large number of upgrades and improved releases, correction of previously made errors, compared to earlier versions.

At that time, this software was the most advanced and made it possible to partially automate the design process, bring it to a more perfect level, improve its quality and reduce costs.

Both the full-sized version of AutoDesk AutoCAD 2017, installed on a PC and the mobile application, which could be downloaded on all types of smartphones and tablets, were presented for sale. In addition, this software also had many undeniable advantages:

  • Wide functionality for designers of almost all specialties.
  • File format compatibility with many CAD and PDF formats in both editable and non-editable formats.
  • The ability to import and export both graphic and text data with their further recognition for editing.
  • An undeniable simplification of the interface for the user.
  • The presence of new animation and graphic tips, compared to older versions of the program.
  • Small requirements for the video card, operating memory, processor, and other computer parameters.
  • A slight increase in the cost of the license key, compared to the previous latest version.
  • High-speed data update, rendering, and reading information.
  • Convenient storage of saved data, a function of quick auto-save of the product, which protected the user’s drawing through recovery files from the complete loss of developments.

AutoDesk AutoCAD 2017 is still in high demand today, especially considering that it is offered for sale with perpetual use, without license expiration. Such an intellectual product is in great demand in small design companies that do not have a large package of orders and cannot afford to periodically pay for the current license of the latest versions. At the same time, given that the regulatory requirements for the design of the main structural elements, as well as the design principles, change quite rarely, this product is still relevant today, which significantly expands its demand among freelancers and legal entities engaged in specialized design activities.

AutoDesk AutoCAD 2017 Custom Features

The advantages listed above of the intellectual product in question, which can be purchased from our company with significant folds and a perpetual license, are achieved if this software has the following individual features:

  • Ability to seamlessly import PDF files without losing data or scale. Previously, users could only export their DWG files to the drawing view format through the Adobe Reader program, but with the advent of the 2017 version, a reverse transfer of information data with their conversion to vector graphics became available to them.
  • A complete transformation of texts from PDF with font recognition from the native AutoCAD 2017 library.
  • The highest level of file protection against damage or physical destruction with the ability to create a recovery version in emergency mode – a feature only available on the full version of the PC application.
  •  AutoCAD 2017 Smart Center Marks is a unique automated module that allows you to correct the axial reference axes by changing their position relative to the zero point of a previously selected coordinate system. Thus, the reference point in the software version from 2017 is floating, which ensures that it moves quickly with re-binding. This will ensure synchronous or arbitrary movement of interconnected elements of the drawing – floors, parts, sections, and elements of mechanisms connected to the system.
  • This version of the product was one of the first to successfully use the convenient function of switching between 3D and 2D. Thus, the designer gets a unique opportunity to build detailed plans, sections, sections, and other elements in 3 projections at once, without errors and distortions due to perspective and focal points. Upon completion of the creation of projections, the user switches modes, and the program automatically builds a 3D model for him, collecting all multidirectional planes together. After that, the designer can control the details, apply shadows, fill hatches and get an effective concept for the presentation.
  • One of the original features is the ability for the designer to track the improvement of their skills by comparing older versions of drawings with current files with error identification. Such useful functionality is called evolution history, which gives the user an accurate understanding of the presence of early errors and inaccuracies.
  • AutoCAD 2017 has significantly improved its performance compared to older versions of this software. Innovative algorithms are used to process data, which ensures fast loading of libraries, opening a drawing, saving it, and switching to other files. In addition, the user gets the opportunity to quickly pan and zoom the object being developed without significant labor costs.
  • When developing AutoCAD 2017, AutoDesk engineers and programmers took the first steps toward teamwork. Files created in one workplace can be stored in the cloud storage, which is available to anyone who has the right to use it. This means that to quickly transfer the latest files over the server, in the case of organizing remote work of different specialists on the same object, there is no need to constantly send information on electronic media – all saves are synchronized, excluding the human factor and gross violations in the design of the object.

Thus, when buying and installing AutoCAD 2017 with a perpetual license, the user receives the most complete set of functions of modern design software for minimal money, which leads to a reduction in design costs and an increase in customer interest in this developer of design solutions in various areas.