The beauty of working for yourself is that you can design your work and, in turn, your life. Consider making these perks a part of your regular work week.

Take Back Your Morning

If you get up early enough, you should have plenty of time to take care of the things you want to before getting into work mode. Unless you have the type of job where you’re on-call around-the-clock, take an hour for yourself at the beginning of every day. Head out for a cup of gourmet coffee, take a long shower, get your daily cleaning over with, or whatever it is that will help you feel pulled together and focused.

Wear Whatever You Want

Woman working at home with laptop computer
There’s no need to change into uncomfortable clothes in order to get in the right mindset for work. When you’re comfortable, you’re bound to focus on work more than if you hated how that fabric feels against your skin. If you prefer to work in sweats or even “fancy” pajamas, go for it! Ideally, you have to feel professional, not necessarily look it. Of course, if you’re meeting up with other professionals, amp up your style a bit.

Stop Sitting!

When you work from home, you can figure out the office configuration that works for you. There are some health dangers that come with sitting at a desk for too long. Listen to a business podcast while walking on the treadmill or recline on your comfy couch while Tweeting for your company.

Drink Plenty of Water

drink water

This may not sound like a perk at first, but staying hydrated will give you energy while relieving stress. When you work from home, you won’t have a boss eyeing you when you get up to go to the kitchen over and over. Or, keep a glass carafe at your desk so you can refill your cup without interrupting your flow. True professionals like Bob Bratt pay attention to their health in order to be more successful at work.

Turn Up the Music

Since there’s nobody around to annoy or distract, put on whatever tunes help you concentrate! White noise, classical music, or even today’s hits may be just the thing to get you working efficiently.

Escape Mid-Day

Taking a walk in the middle of the day or treating yourself to a long lunch can help you get back on track when you return to the grind. You can escape even if you intend to keep working, too. Yes, you have a great home office with a lovely antique desk, but there’s nothing wrong with switching up your scenery from time to time, though. It can even promote creativity.

The beauty of being an entrepreneur is designing the kind of job you love.