A lovely gift from the employer or boss is a caring touch that makes employees feel appreciated for the efforts made throughout the year. Every employee or worker in a corporate setting or office deserves to get gratitude for the great job done and giving them special holiday gifts is a superb way to make them feel special And enchanted.

But what to choose that would be useful, memorable and affordable too? If you have decided to give your employees holiday gifts that are beyond the basic and boring, go through the following lost of holiday gifts ideas for employees and choose the perfect gifts for your workforce.

Office Supplies

Let you give your employees something they use every day. Office supplies could be the best option to go with. A high-quality pen, monthly planner, table calendar, notebook, paperweight, pen holder and sticky notes are some of the commonly used office supplies and could be great holiday gifts for employees. You can embellish them with business branding to give them a corporate touch.

Alcohol and Cigar basket

What about some unique basket ideas? Putting together alcohol and a cigar basket will surprise your employees no less than a food basket. There are dozens of cigar brands and types today to choose from. However, it’s important to pair well the cigar and the alcohol. For example, Tabak Especial cigars are a great alternative to consider with a scotch or an Irish whiskey. They’re well-made, flavorful, and available in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Or, you can opt for Cohiba Genios Maduro cigars and pair them with a bottle of red, full-bodied wine. Such pairings will make an unusual gift basket for your employees.

Travel Accessories

We all travel around for plenty of reasons. That is the reason, your employees will love to receive travel accessories like travel charging kits for their mobile devices, travel pillows, organizer sets, travel storage bag, backpacks, and eye mask, etc. Above mentioned travel accessories can make affordable holiday gifts that will be highly appreciated by the employees. Employees who are habitually on the go will love these gift ideas.

Desk Organizer

Well organized and productive employees are one of the valuable assets of a business. So, provide your employees with desk organizers as a holiday gift and let them keep all the office related things in an organized manner. A beautiful and well-made desk organizer can make their desks professional and organized. It can keep their desks look stylish for years.

Gift Voucher

If you don’t know about your workforce to come up with useful and unique holiday gift ideas, then gift vouchers can come in handy. It is an ideal solution to make someone delighted with a choice so they can buy goods or services of their own choice. The use of free voucher templates can help you design personalized gift vouchers with the name of receiver and holiday greetings. You can sign a contract with a local departmental store chain, grocery store or restaurant so your employees can buy things of their personal interests.


Notebooks help employees stay on the top with their duties and tasks and every employee will truly appreciate a well-designed and high-quality notebook given by the employer or boss as a holiday gift. Most of the printing agencies allow you to personalized notebooks for each of your employees to appreciate their efforts by their names.

Gourmet Food Basket

Give your employees delicious holiday treats in the form of a well decorated gourmet food basket because nothing can be better than food when it comes to giving someone a gift. Fill each sucj basket with the foods everyone will love to eat himself or share with others. You can make baskets with fresh fruits, cookies, baked items, chocolates, or snacks. You can also opt for a nice and delicious steaks for the meat lovers and make them feel delighted during the holiday season.

Headphones And Sound Devices

In this digital era of life where everyone is using a smartphone, you can give your employees with quality headphones or other sound devices so they can enjoy music and take calls without making noise at the workplace. A comfortable pair of headphones could be a useful and affordable holiday gift for everyone. Sound-canceling headphones are one of the thoughtful gifts that every organization can buy for its employees or workers.

Tickets Of A Local Holiday Event

Relaxed, healthy and stress-free employees can provide their 100% at the workplace. So, provide your employees with tickets for local holiday events and let them enjoy, relax and take a break from daily work routine. Holiday gifts for employees are empirical gifts and giving them tickets for a fun event can make them truly delighted.


Excellent employees always love reading as a source of getting useful details and information about the industry they are currently associated with. You can make such employees appreciated and pleased by giving them e-readers as holiday gifts. It would be a nice and useful holiday gift because they can get their reading fix either during work or whole on the go.