Today, if you look at some of the things that are most important to businesses in regard to technology, security and mobile are at the top of most people’s lists. In fact, according to a receipt study, 67 percent of all IT professionals and CIOs believe that mobility is going to impact their businesses as much, or even more than the Internet did during the 1990s.

When it comes to security, there is no shortage of statistics that show this is also something that is taken serious by businesses. When choosing a PDF software for a business, these are two vital criteria that need to be considered. As a result, the features here should be considered critical when it comes to selecting any type of PDF software.

PDF Software that is Mobile Friendly

Modern businesses expect teams to collaborate on several different document creation projects. Having the ability to not only view, but also respond to edits and comments made by others working on a document is an important feature of any PDF software program and one that is offered by The fact is, more and more people are working remotely today, than ever before, which makes it necessary to have a mobile solution for reviewing certain document edits, which is a major part factor in best practices for collaboration.

Protection for Confidentiality

One of the main selling points of any PDF software is being able to protect the information that is included on the documents. With the feature of rights management, authors are able to restrict any user who is not allowed to view a document file and keep them from seeing what is present. However, you may also find the need to revoke certain people’s access to files after they leave the organization or if the document has become outdated. This ability will not only protect your company against the potential of insider threats, but it will also ensure that legitimate users only access the most current versions.

Ability to Sanitize Files

There are certain types of PDF software features security and collaboration together. When creating documents, you may have a file that contains hidden data. This means that you are able to create multiple saves from several different users.

In some cases, this hidden data may include information including edits, comments and metadata that the reader doesn’t need to see. As a result, when you sanitize your documents before sending them out, you can avoid the hidden information being seen by the end user. This is an extremely beneficial tool that may business owners like.

If you are thinking about purchasing PDF software, getting to know the features and benefits that you want and need should be a top priority. This will help ensure you get quality software that meets your needs.