In 2019, when food shelves were empty, former Scarborough resident George Scorsis gathered up his friends and colleagues and led a major drive to help The Agincourt Food Bank in his childhood town. Together, the group of friends, who grew up around Scarborough, organized truckloads of food to be dropped off at the food bank, while raising awareness for the organization so that more people would make donations. 

When COVID-19 hit, the team got back at it, donating their time and effort to make sure no one affected by the crisis would go hungry.

George, who has been a benefactor for The Agincourt Food Bank for many years, says his charity work, volunteer services and financial support of various initiatives has been a guiding principle throughout his personal and professional life.  

“Giving back to the community is always a winning formula. Everything that’s good for the community is good for business and it is our responsibility to contribute to that,” he explains.

When he isn’t helping out the community or organizing a food drive, George is a busy entrepreneur whose journey started in an executive role at one of the world’s top energy drink companies. There, he helped lead the company to success in both brand awareness and sales. Currently, he is Executive Chairman of WeedMD, a Canadian federally-licensed producer of cannabis products for both the medical and adult-use markets.

In all of his roles, past and present, George Scorsis has tried to be a guiding light in helping other entrepreneurs excel in their own endeavors.  

“I benefited significantly from mentorship early on in my career, and even now, so I want to be able to take my knowledge and everything that I’ve learned along the way and pass it on to other aspiring entrepreneurs.” 

The entrepreneur says that it’s important for people to be able to connect and build relationships, but also to continuously learn. 

“You always have to show the desire to learn. Even today, I still look for mentorship because I believe you can always learn more, learn about new things, and understand new segments.” 

One of the things he’s learned through his  contributions at the food bank as well as various other charities  is that people, now more than ever, people need help.

“Hunger,” says George Scorsis, “can be caused by a variety of reasons. You really don’t know what to expect. You can be well-to-do one day and be in an unfortunate position the next. Covid has created an environment that many people who had stable jobs, are now unable to work or being laid off. The Food Bank does really wonderful work in the area, so I’m personally thankful to have the resources to help them help others.”

Whether it is lending a hand in the community or helping mentor others through his leadership roles, for George, thriving both professionally and personally is all about contributing to the place we live, work and play in. 

“How do we make it better through giving back and helping others,” he says. “Ultimately, that’s what it is what life is about.”

As for the future, George Scorsis is looking forward to helping the food bank during the busy holiday season when people need its services the most.