You have poured out your heart, soul and resources to ensure your website is beautiful, engaging, relevant, and SEO-friendly. Great step!

Now, here’s the most important step: converting your traffic. The easiest way is probably to add random ads all over your website so that visitors can click on them, right? Bad idea.

Random ads that don’t match with the needs of your audience are a huge turn off. And most readers install ad blockers on their devices to block such ads.

However, there is a better, smarter, profitable, and effective way that you can use to increase your website revenues. This is by using

What is is a global advertising network that increases the website revenues of its members through the placement of widgets in a native format.

It allows visitors to view ads within the native environment and don’t feel any difference between the ads and the page content. Resultantly, it can generate more revenue and value for your website.

The PayClick system started in 2010 and garnered the trust of over 120,000 advertisers in 107 nations. Their ads work well on all devices and resonate with the interests of all online visitors.

An Ad Network for Native-Ads

So, what are native ads?

Well, native ads are those ads that pretend to be part of your website’s page or article instead of just separate ads. Typically, you can integrate them into a sentence within your article. As a result, they don’t look as distractive and ugly as banner ads.

Thus, PayClick analyzes your website to establish the type of ads that readers could be interested in. This prevents random ads from popping up just about anywhere.

Killer Stats on Native Ads

  1. Are 52 percent more attention grabbing to online readers than banner ads.
  2. The number of customers who view native ads is 25 percent more than those viewing banner ads.
  3. Use of native ads increases brand affinity by 9 percent than using banner ads.
  4. Native ads are likely to increase purchase by 18 percent.


1. Easy and fast

Unlike other ad networks out there, the process of connecting to a new publisher is easy. Installing and configuring the widget takes anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes. The company support moderates all ad slots. They have a local online-based technical support manager to assist you if you’re stuck.

2. Start-up-Friendly

Whether your website has been around for years and you get hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors or you just set up your site last week, PayClick is for you.

They don’t have minimum traffic for those who want to join. Thus, both start-ups and established websites stand a chance.

To make things easier for you, you can select your monthly traffic range from their in-built list.

3. No Waiting Period

After filling out the registration form, it will take around 10seconds to receive a confirmation email. You can then log into your PayClick’s admin panel.

This give PayClick an upper hand compared to lots of other ad-networks out there that would require you to wait for days or even weeks on end.

4. Supports CPC/CPM Formats

As a PayClick member, you can get paid on either CPC or CPM basis.

The CPC option applies to those whose websites attract below 10,000 monthly visitors. CPC means cost per click, which means you’re paid for each click registered.

And, of course, the click has to be a legit one. You share 50 percent of the advertiser’s revenue as well; that means taking home 50% of what advertisers pay PayClick for the clicks.

On the other hand, CPM (Cost per Thousand) applies to those whose websites bring in over 10,000 visitors a month. So, instead of waiting for clicks, your payment will be on a ratio per 1000 hits made.

Therefore, even if no visitor clicks on the adds, yet you display an ad a given number of times (impressions), you will receive a payment.

5. Hassle-free Widget Setup

You don’t need to be an expert in ads integration or programming in order to integrate the ads on your website.

Why? When you save the widget, you will get a HTML code which you only need to copy and paste to your website’s section that you would like to integrate the ad.

6. Several Payment Methods

The other common issue with several ad-networks out there is their limited payment methods. It is frustrating to sign up only to realize you can’t cash out your earnings because your payment method isn’t acceptable.

Well, that’s different when you register with PayClick. You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, e-Payment and more.

7. Low Minimum Withdrawal Limit

Google Adsense requires that you earn $100 minimum to make a withdrawal. Other ad-networks have a threshold of nearly the same amount.

However, PayClick is different; you only need $20 minimum to make a withdrawal. Sounds cool, isn’t it?


PayClick is a unique ad-network from all the others because it’s based on native ads, doesn’t require minimal traffic requirements to sign up, and has a minimum withdrawal threshold of $20. These are some of the major benefits that made me sign up for their program.

And did I mention signing up is free as well? If you want an extra way to monetize your blog, head over to their website and sign up to start earning now.