The residential market in the United States saw a change the previous year due to the Federal Reserve’s new monetary policies. According to the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, the typical interest rate on a 30-year mortgage has risen above 7% for the very first time in almost two decades. The upshot was an abrupt reduction in house sales, which in turn drove home accessibility to its lowest levels in over 15 years. 

Due to the ever-increasing expenses associated with purchasing and relocating to a new home, many people opt to invest in making their current residence more livable and valuable instead. The Joint Center for Housing Research at Harvard predicts a 6.5% increase in home maintenance and repair spending between now and the 3rd quarter of 2023. Statistics like these show that the home renovation industry is bucking the trend of a stagnant housing market and global economic downturn, demonstrating healthy growth. 

The current moment is perfect for publishers and marketers to ramp up their marketing machines and push popular services and lucrative deals. For maximum profit, ClickDealer recommends that partners capitalize on the following developments in the home improvement sector. 

How ClickDealer Stacks Up Against Generic and Specialty Affiliate Networks

Some affiliate marketing businesses focus solely on pay-per-call promotions, while others use various promotional strategies. Yet, choosing either a niche or a broad affiliate network isn’t always black and white. This is because the lead generation industry is so sizable and because larger businesses invest so much in cultivating it. 

The affiliate network ClickDealer is a good illustration of a worldwide platform that provides both niche and broad advertising options. Their CPA portfolio includes several CPL home improvement offerings and those from many other businesses. ClickDealer also has a devoted team and unique technology for managing pay-per-call campaigns effectively. Affiliate marketers may optimize their campaigns and boost their earnings with the company’s integrated sophisticated analytical tools, extensive reporting capabilities, access to exclusives in the home improvement sector, and all-around support from specialized managers. 

Proven performance marketing networks like ClickDealer are preferred by publishers with experience in acquiring new customers. These publishers prioritize fair commission rates, extensive monitoring options, and dependable account assistance to maximize their audience reach with the least effort. 

A Guide to Using Pay-Per-Call Marketing to Get Qualified Leads for Home Improvement Projects

It is vital to remember that nearly all (97%) of home service customer journeys start on the web. If you are planning to generate high-intent home renovation prospects, consider starting with pay-per-call advertising. Consumers typically contact to ask for estimates or schedule appointments after doing some preliminary research online and narrowing their choices down to one or two contracting providers. 

To a greater extent than with online forms, businesses may expect to close deals with potential customers who call in. Marketers can fine-tune campaign parameters using conversational information gleaned from incoming phone conversations and prioritize calls that best fit their needs. 

Pay-per-call is an alternative performance marketing approach to website click-through that incentivizes customers to take action by calling the business directly. Customers that phone rather than just click a link are known to spend more time considering their interest in the advertised offerings. This means that the advertiser and the publisher have a better chance of making a sale thanks to the lead that was gained through this method. The model’s excellent conversion rates and stringent lead filtering procedure make it a favorite among CPA networks like ClickDealer. 

To produce concrete outcomes for both affiliates and companies, it is crucial to have a well-planned lead-generation strategy that incorporates high-impact advertising creatives and expert handling of incoming phone calls. Yet, the most important aspect of any marketing campaign is picking the correct partners to work with. 

Predictions and Developments in the Home Improvement Services Industry

By 2030, the estimated value of the home renovation services industry, which includes remodeling, installation, and construction services, will be $585.3 billion, expanding at a pace of around 6.2% per year. Mortgage rate volatility and property prices rising worldwide are factors in homeowners’ propensity to invest in expensive home improvements. As a result of the current economic climate, homeowners are hesitant to take on a mortgage and are instead opting to put their savings into home improvements rather than real estate purchases.

A poll performed by Houzz in the fourth quarter of 2022 found that over 67 percent of individuals who want to remodel in the following year expect to stay in their present house rather than sell and purchase a new one. More than nine in ten survey takers stated they planned to use a professional contractor. Homeowners typically hire professionals to update their bathrooms and kitchens, lay new flooring, and set up new heating and air conditioning systems. 

It is expected that the pandemic’s aftereffects, which have changed how people spend their time at home, will impact this year’s home remodeling trends. The global energy crisis also encourages people to adopt more energy-efficient technologies and explore renewable energy options at home. A spike in inflation and the price of building supplies means that homeowners would likely prioritize fixing broken appliances and major structural concerns over cosmetic interior redesigns. Yet, the widespread use of high-priced smart gadgets is predicted to persist. 

Due to rising consumer interest in home repair and the need for reliable local contractors, affiliates may increase their earnings by participating in lucrative affiliate programs, such as those offered by ClickDealer. To attract serious customers, affiliates should prioritize underused performance marketing strategies like pay-per-call. 

This method of generating sales leads attracts the kind of targeted phone calls that are much more likely to result in a sale than leads obtained via other promotion channels. Studies show that such campaigns may yield a conversion rate of 30% to 50%, while digital advertising with click-throughs generates just 1% to 2%.