Here are some tips on how to collaborate on documents comfortably with your remote team, using ONLYOFFICE, a cloud solution for storing and editing documents online that is free for 6 months

Grant Permissions Wisely

ONLYOFFICE Allows You To Share Docs With Different Types Of  Permissions. 

Read Only means that users can view the document content but can’t change anything about it. It’s a great way to share general information with your entire team, for example, your roadmap or rules for remote work during the quarantine. 

To get feedback on documents, share them for reviewing or commenting This way your colleagues will be able to suggest changes or leave their comments to the whole document or its parts without editing the file. 

But if you want your teammates to become your rightful co-authors and you totally trust them, grant them full access. This means they will be able to edit the document as well as use commenting and reviewing.

Commenting Is The Easiest Way To Get Feedback Or Ask For It

Comments are a great way to give or ask opinions on a certain abstract, draw attention to factual errors or just show your excellent sense of humor (careful, not everybody respects that). Comments can be resolved if you concur with their author, answered or just deleted. 

If you are the one leaving feedback, spare no words and explanations to make comments understandable. Be clear about what’s wrong and what you are suggesting. We are not at the office anymore, so your teammate can’t just ask you what you meant by that. 

If you want to draw a specific person’s attention to a certain abstract, you can use mentions.  Just type “+” or “@” to start! 

Built-In Chat Instead Of A Messenger App

If you need to discuss an issue with your document quickly? Instead of making phone calls or switching to Whatsapp, it’s a good idea to use ONLYOFFICE built-in chat. 

This minimalistic tool allows you to stay in your doc avoiding distractions of the Outer Web. And we all know how hard it is to resist the temptation of watching memes or reading the latest COVID-19 updates. 

The chat is also a great tool for brainstorming. But don’t forget that its history is deleted after everyone closes the doc. 

Two Ways To Co-Edit Document In Real-Time

ONLYOFFICE offers two ways of co-editing docs. They are called Fast and Strict. Fast mode, which is enabled by default, may remind you of Google Docs, because you see everything that your co-author is typing in real-time. Strict mode is more private, you don’t see what your co-author is doing until you want to. 


Co-editing When You Don’t Want To Get Distracted

You have enough distractions at home – food, your cat, maybe children. To deal with them, you have to use your own will power. But distractions created by your co-authors typing in the same docs are no problem for you. Just enable Strict mode in the Collaboration tab!

In Strict mode, you lock the abstract you are working on. Your co-author can’t see what your typing until press Save. The privacy works both ways, so you can’t see what they are typing either. 

The benefits are obvious: you can work together with teammates in one doc at the same time but stay concentrated on your part.

It’s also more convenient than Fast mode when you need to co-edit multi-page docs. Even if you are working on the 1st page while your colleague is changing the last one, you won’t interfere with each other.

Fast Co-Editing For Final Changes And Brainstorming

Enabling fast co-editing mode may be a good idea for making and approving final changes when you need to do this real quick.

It’s good for brainstorming ideas, looks impressive and can boost your team spirit. You may not be in the same room sharing your thoughts out loud, but at least you are on the same page creating something together, right?


In ONLYOFFICE, you can let your team review the doc by granting them Review permission. In this case, they will suggest changes with the Track changes feature. Also, if you give someone Full access rights, they can enable Track changes manually.

All the suggested changes and their authors will be highlighted, and you will be able to accept or reject them. 

It a great idea to use Track changes for proofreading or working on legal documents with lawyers and executives. It’s also good for educational purposes.

Kate And DupliKate: Quickly Find Differences Between Two Docs That Looks The Same

If you need to quickly compare two versions of the same doc (for example, the Privacy policy of any service before GDPR and after), you can use the Compare feature. 

ONLYOFFICE will show the differences with revision marks. You can accept changes to merge the docs or reject them. 

Go Back In Time

If something went wrong and your or your teammates’ imagination led your doc to where it should not be, you can quickly go back to the previous versions and restore them if you need it.

ONLYOFFICE Is Free For 6 Months

If your remote team needs it,ONLYOFFICE cloud service is currently free for six months for teams of up to 50 active users. It also free for schools and non-profit organizations.