Advancements in Technology, especially our use of the Internet has excitingly propelled our society forward. One major development of our Internet use is how we spend money, and essentially how we shop online. The typical shopping experience, in which we had to physically visit a store is becoming a thing of the past.

Over the course of the next decade, we can expect to see not only a surge in online shopping but a revolutionized shopping experience where manufacturers across multiple industries will be rolling out more efficient products allowing online consumers to shop smart, while reducing wait time and charges for purchases.


Amazon, for example has already given flight to the idea of Drone Delivery. They are testing the use of small aircrafts to make deliveries to customers.

The possibilities are endless in our quest to work smarter. The introduction of 3D printing, once a far-fetched concept is becoming a welcomed reality. As seen over the past few years, 3-D printing has been used to reproduce human organs and create children’s toys. In the near future we can expect to see 3-D printers in homes as often as we see televisions. 3-D printing will change our lives, from ordering a meal online to watching the printer produce a meal right in front of our eyes.

The following infographic by Shop Smart depicts how Shopping will be instantaneous, and production fulfilment will be as well. Automated warehouses and driverless trucks are already being implemented. Production and labor costs will drop, saving the consumer money and time.