Online service becomes a familiar tool in our everyday life. Both individuals and companies operate via the Internet because this is convenient and helps to save time. However, that is the reason to pay more attention to safety and look for fraud solutions. We have to protect our data while operating online. It is much better to discover and use anti-fraud solutions than to cope with the problems that may occur without them.

Fraud Solutions: Basic Ideas

Before you look for some special anti-fraud solutions, start with simple and useful steps.

Separation of Financial Data

The first thing among all fraud solutions is the advice to use a dedicated computer for banking services, especially if we talk about the company and its activity. It is better to separate financial processes and back up all the sensitive information when you change the computer for a new one.

Keep Your Personal Data and Passwords Safe

Remember that banks do not ask for personal data via messages or emails.  There is no such verification.  Therefore, in terms of fraud prevention, never share personal details via emails or text messages. Other fraud solutions include the following:

  • Keep passwords as well as any financial data private. 
  • Change passwords regularly and use strong combinations.
  • Change the password for the wireless network regularly.

Allow No Phishing

For proper fraud prevention, do not open suspicious emails. They may contain links that are going to change your account or install some malicious software. All this can lead to the loss of personal data and subsequent problems.

Protect the Computer

Fraud solutions advise installing special software to protect the computer and the network. It is important to update it regularly and check whether it works or not. As anti-fraud solutions for proper fraud detection, you can use:

  • Anti-spam software for your mailbox.
  • Firewall against viruses and malware on your computer.
  • Anti-spyware software that blocks malicious websites and attempts to install unknown programs onto the computer.

These are basic fraud solutions for individuals and companies. But if you are running a business, it is better to look for the professional protection described below.

Covery: The Best Anti-fraud Solutions

Covery has been working on fraud detection and fraud prevention since 2016. The company’s services are aimed to solve different types of such problems and keep organizations safe. Its online service provides Fraud Solutions based on the following tools.


For successful fraud detection, we collect reputation records from over 12 user identifiers. This information is gathered continuously in Europe and the USA.

Device Fingerprinting

This technology was designed for the collection of the device data during all the steps of the user journey. It is widely used for fraud detection.

Machine Learning

This process gives the opportunity to create customized models and specific risk logic for the company. For the best fraud detection, it analyzes all the locations, devices, and identities of customers.

KYC/KYB/AML Automation

The online service automates the manual KYC process to save both time and money and guarantee security.

Integration with Other Systems

You can easily integrate Covery and our anti-fraud solutions into your existing systems. That doesn’t take a lot of time and gives perfect results.

Automated Decisions and Advanced Reports

We not only provide the fullest possible fraud detection and a variety of Fraud Solutions but also create customizable reports, check the efficiency of the existing rules, make predictions for the needed tools, analyze transactions, etc.

Together with such a strong system of fraud solutions, you can be sure that the business is safe and you can operate online confidently. Discover the best fraud solutions and enjoy their efficiency!