Roulette is a casino game that has been around for many centuries. In the 18th century, the game with the famous wheel was already offered gambling houses and casinos. From that very beginning, strategies and systems were also developed that attempted to beat the game. Some strategies are based on a clever idea where you might actually gain some advantage. However, there are also systems where you will realize absolutely no difference in your chances of winning.

Now if you search the internet for an online roulette strategy. You’ll find dozens of different options. We’ve taken a closer look at the best known and most used options for the players. On this page you’ll find an overview and can click through to an extensive review, including suggested online casinos to play roulette. Among other things, we’ll tell you whether the way you play can improve your chances of winning.

Review of roulette strategies & systems

We take a slightly different approach to writing about strategies for roulette than most other websites. We write an honest and comprehensive review of each system. This is written based on our own experiences and research into the effectiveness to positively influence your odds. We won’t tempt you with false promises. In a review we explain, among other things, the principle of a strategy or system. In it we describe, for example, how you can best apply it while playing online roulette. Clear step by step instructions. Also, the mathematics will be covered. We have calculated the mathematical formulas for you. This way you know how much more likely you are to win with this strategy. Finally, of course, we’ll tell you which online casinos offer the best roulette system. You can try 20 euro bez depozytu or anything else that is at your disposal as you learn the basics.

How to use the best roulette tactics at online casinos

What you will notice when studying the various reviews linked to on this page is that the systems give different advice on exactly how you should play. For example, there are many strategies that dictate how much and what you should bet on each round. The best known example of this is the Martingale system. This prescribes that you should bet on red or black each round. If you lose, you must always double the bet amount. However, there are many other betting systems of this type. No matter what is claimed on the internet. With such a roulette strategy, you will never have a better chance of winning than any other gambler. It is one of the reasons why many people like to play roulette. A novice has just as much chance of winning as someone who has been coming to the casino to gamble for years. Still, a betting strategy can be quite helpful. You then have to use the right way of betting in the right way.

Opportunity to break casino barrier

A correctly guessed number in online roulette gives you a payout of 36 times your bet, while there are 37 possible outcomes. If you bet on red or black, your bet is doubled. However, on average 1 out of 37 times the ball will fall on the green zero. With these statistics we can calculate that the casino has a 2.7 percent advantage in winning. So if you continue gambling long enough you will eventually lose about 2.70 dollars out of 100 dollars in wagers. However, there is a chance to break the casino advantage. What you need to do for this is to bet higher amounts at the right times. If you lose as little money as possible in a series of losses and win as much money as possible in a series of wins. Then this is the key to remaining in profit. It is a principle on which many strategies are based. Keep this in mind when determining how best to use a betting system.

Be vigilant of false roulette strategy promises

When picking a strategy for online roulette, you should always be vigilant for false promises. On some websites, ways of betting are presented in such a way that it seems as if they are watertight systems with which you can never lose. These kinds of strategies do not exist. Let’s take again the example of the Martingale system. In theory, you cannot lose if you keep doubling your bet until you win again. However, no one has an unlimited budget available for gambling. Moreover, casinos also have a betting limit for roulette. The amount you have to bet will add up very quickly. Although the chances of losing 10 or more times in a row are slim, this is certainly not impossible either. If an unlucky series occurs, you’ll also lose a very large amount immediately.

Opportunities in online and live casino

When it comes to strategy, roulette, like other games of chance, offers several options depending on whether you’re playing in an online or live casino. In online roulette, the results are always completely random. This is because they are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a piece of software specifically designed to determine the results in a random order. When playing live roulette with a real croupier, table and wheel, this is of course the intention. Here, however, a minute deviation in the roulette wheel can cause the ball to stop more often on some numbers. It’s a difference you as a player can benefit from. There are strategies that make use of this possibility.

Tips for improving tactics and winning chances

Although the effectiveness of a strategy or system may vary, there are some things you can do that will always improve your chances of winning. You should therefore always make use of these when the opportunity arises. To maximize your chances of winning, in the following paragraphs we share some tips on how to improve your roulette odds.

Always choose European or French roulette instead of the American version

You probably already knew it, but in European roulette you have more chances to win than in the American variant of the game. This is because in European and French roulette there are 37 possible outcomes and in American roulette there are 38 possible outcomes. So less chance of winning while the payouts are the same. The difference is the presence of an additional green zero on the wheel. So if you bet on black or red, you’ll have two green pockets that won’t produce a profit. Whichever strategy you use. You’ll always improve your chances of winning if you choose European roulette from the online casino’s game selection.

Take advantage of casino bonuses when they are available

Another good tip to improve your chances of winning is to make use of bonuses when they are available. Online casinos often give away benefits that allow you to get free money or free spins. As a gambler you don’t have to say no to that. After all, if you get an amount for free then your chances of making a profit are even greater. Ideally, the casino should offer a special roulette bonus. However, these bonuses are not very common. Free spins benefits are much more common. These must first be used on an online slot machine. Free money can be used directly for playing online roulette. However, there are often additional bonus requirements.

When you use an online casino bonus you will have to deal with some conditions. The main condition is that there is a wagering requirement for the bonus money. This means that the amount has to be wagered X number of times at the casino before you can make a withdrawal request. Note that the terms and conditions often specify additional rules for playing roulette. At some providers the bets you make with the popular table game do not count at all towards the wagering requirement. At others, only a small percentage of the wagered amount is counted. In addition, there are often rules stating that you may not use betting options that give you a high chance of winning. So covering three quarters of the playing field with coins is not allowed. Also pay attention to a maximum amount you may wager per round, while you are still unlocking the bonus money.

Value of an online roulette strategy review

The online roulette strategy reviews you can find on this page are incredibly valuable. This is especially so because we don’t make any false promises. Also, we explain to you step by step how to use the system in practice. You will therefore not make any unnecessary mistakes during the implementation. Due to the mathematical calculations of your winning chances, you will also not have any false hopes. Although the effectiveness of a roulette strategy or system should not be overestimated. You can definitely benefit from it. It’s always better to start gambling with a preconceived plan. Then simply place your bets haphazardly on the table.