The support of legalizing online gambling has been on the rise, and it goes without saying that it has a lot to do with the shrinking budgets of many states in the US. As one of the first states to implement a bill in support of online casinos, New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie estimated that the industry could bring in a whopping $160 million in revenue in just one year. Though those projections were off by about fifty percent, it has still proven some success.

There is Still Some Confusion

While a revenue-generator for sure, many government officials and lawmakers are still skeptical of online gaming as land-based casinos are still the preferred preference for most gamblers. As news of casinos closing across the country, many have been forced to believe that the only way for gamers to get the full experience is to choose between online or brick and mortar casinos. Yet, facilities like Pala Online Casino are proving to be very successful creating a NJ online casino for their audience.

Benefits of Online Casino Expansions

Despite the skepticism and confusion, there are a plethora of benefits attached to the development and other parts of the world. Of those advantages, the one that stands out most is cost. Online gaming sites don’t have as much overhead as a land-based casino would have. Without operating expenses like a lease, utilities, staff, alcohol, and other entertainment, virtual casinos cost a significant amount less than a brick and mortar location, therefore, producing a higher return on investment.

Flexibility is another advantage attached to online gaming. Gamers no longer have to make the long journey to Atlantic City or Las Vegas, but can play their favorite slot machines and table games from the comfort of their own home. With easy to use applications, gamers can gamble and receive real cash rewards on hundreds of games in a matter of minutes. This certainly beats driving to a crowded casino and walking around to find a spot at a table or machine you want to enjoy.

Obstacles to Overcome

Though the potential for increased revenue for local governments and the increased flexibility and comfort afforded to gamers, there are some obstacles that online casinos have not yet overcome. Take for instance the flexibility of online gaming, while the internet experience does afford gamers the ability to play their favorite game with very few distractions, it also makes it easier for them to “walk away” when things aren’t going their way. Whereas if they were in a casino and losing at one game, they could get distracted by another game or other form of entertainment in the building, therefore, enticing them to spend more money.

Though there is also a lot of revenue to be had from online casinos, many gamers find it complicated to get started. Having to remain in compliance with state laws, casinos in New Jersey have to ensure that all players are of legal age and reside in the state which can make enrollment processes harder and frustrating for the consumer.

Why Land-Based Casinos Still Matter

The convenience and financial potential of online casinos are apparent, which is why more casinos are extending their brand to the net. That being said, there are still a lot of advantages to brick and mortar locations. One of the most obvious is employment. In states like New Jersey, Nevada, and Mississippi where casino employment is high, millions of dollars are paid out to residents which goes back into the economy through local spending and income taxes.

Though there has been a decline in the presence of land-based casinos lately, those that are established are still staple places to visit for gamers. Consumers have begun looking for facilities that can offer them the best experience. Not only those that offer online deals and games but casinos that have options that go beyond the roulette table. Non-gaming activities and entertainment have become especially important to travelers and are often what entices them to visit. Live shows, shopping, dining, and hotel accommodations all provide the average consumer with more options to spend their money than gambling.

As you can see, there are a lot of positives and negatives to operating land-based and online casinos. While some have been forced to focus their time, money, and resources on one avenue or another to boost revenue, there are some pioneers who have been successful in doing both. So which is your favorite way to play? Online or at the casino?