As offices prepare to reopen, employers will place greater emphasis on employee satisfaction and well-being. The modern office will need to adapt to the current times by providing a safer and healthier environment. There are many ways office design can help employers achieve this, from choosing biophilic window treatments, to installing thin clear vinyl between desks, to providing ergonomic seating and desks, and more. Here are some office design upgrades you should consider for healthier employees. 

Let There Be Natural Light

It may not be the most glaringly obvious thing when putting together your office reopening plan, but natural light can have some serious health benefits for employees. Sunlight helps regulate your body’s circadian rhythm, which determines crucial functions including sleep cycle, hormone release and body temperature.  As such, having the right office window treatments can be a very important factor when it comes to overall employee well-being.   

Many office employees spend a large portion of their days in front of a computer screen, which can be strenuous on the eyes. Natural light also has great benefits for healthy vision and preventing eye strain, making proper commercial roller shades all the more essential.

Installing the right commercial motorized window shades is a perfect way to control and maximize the amount of natural light that enters your office. As employee health becomes an increasingly important consideration during the reopening process, the addition of high-quality window treatments could be a significant factor when it comes to overall well-being.

Social Distancing Measures

Of course, maintaining good social distancing practices will remain an important aspect to consider for any office reopening plan in the near future. Establishing a manageable crowd control plan will be very helpful. Measure meeting rooms, desk space and other common areas to determine how employees can safely congregate in one area at any given time.

Installing thin, clear vinyl dividers between desks is one way to ensure employee health and safety for the foreseeable future. Employees will be able to see and communicate with each other, while keeping a safe barrier between them. Thin, clear vinyl dividers between desks is one way to keep employees safe for the foreseeable future. They let workers see each other and communicate while keeping a safe barrier between them. To keep cleanliness and sanitary standards in other places, like bathrooms, for example, automatic soap dispensers and adequate bathroom partitions will be important. 

Placing signage and markers throughout the office will also serve as helpful reminders to stick to safety measures. These types of signs can outline your office’s social distancing measures or even specific markers on chairs and other office items to indicate they are safe and permissible for use.

Additional Good Practices

On top of providing good, healthy natural light and keeping up social distancing measures, there are a few more possibilities for maintaining well-being in the office environment.

Incorporating more aspects of biophilic design into the office has been trending, and will likely continue to do so in the post-Covid world. This type of design aims to bolster a healthy office environment by bringing in features like outdoor spaces, natural looking materials like wood or stone, more indoor plant life and, of course, commercial roller shades for natural light.

Another factor to consider is the addition of more ergonomic furniture. Offering employees more health-conscious chairs or desk options is a great way to boost both a healthy environment and employee morale. Finally, providing employees with easy access to protective products such as masks and hand sanitizer is a simple and effective way to help keep up health standards. 

The Picture of Health

Clearly, there are many options that office managers can consider when looking to improve overall employee health and satisfaction. From installing the right window treatments, to maintaining proper social distancing practices and even considering more biophilic design options, the modern office could be headed in a much more health-conscious direction. 

Looking to make some moves on your office reopening plan? Start exploring some commercial window shade options and thin, clear vinyl dividers for your workplace.