One of the most sought-after benefits an online casino can provide is no wagering requirements. Wagering, also known as ‘play-through’, is the number of times you must wager your deposit and winnings before you can cash out. This can be discouraging to new players, who may only receive small wins before playing through the entire deposit. Wagering requirements are something you should take into account when deciding where to play online. This requirement could also be vital for online slots real money 2022

Why Do Casinos Require Wagering Requirements?

There is a common misperception that online casinos require wagering requirements to limit their payout. This isn’t the case because if this was true, then they could simply program the casino never to payout. Online casinos seizing the Internet are for-profit businesses and, as such, need to turn a profit in order to stay afloat. Wagering requirements exist to encourage new players to play at a certain level before cashing out. This way, the casino builds a relationship with the player and eventually can offer them larger bonuses, which incentivizes them to keep playing at that online casino.

Wagering requirements are an annoyance for new players who may only receive small winnings before the wagering requirement becomes too steep to cash out. It’s no different from a casino requiring you to play through your deposit 20 or 30 times before cashing out. This means that if you only receive a $10 bonus and have a 25x wagering requirement, you will need to bet $250 in order to cash out! For this reason, players search for no-wagering requirements casinos.

The Risks of No Wagering Requirements

While it may be attractive to find an online casino with no wagering requirements, there are some risks involved. Casinos require players to meet certain playthrough amounts because it protects them from losing money due to fraudulent activity such as money laundering and chargebacks. If a casino has no wagering requirements, they may not be requiring players to provide proof of identity. One study found that around 30% of online casinos don’t require any deposit verification and, as such, would make great targets for money launderers.

Most online casino operators have the best intentions in mind when developing their business, but unfortunately, there are some bad apples. Players who frequent no-wagering requirement casinos should be especially cautious of rogue casino operators and only play at reputable online casinos with a solid history of paying players. 

Types of Wagering Requirements

There are several types of wagering requirements that casinos use to ensure players aren’t just collecting bonuses and then cashing out.

  1. Time-based wagering requirements: Players need to play through their deposit within a certain timeframe (for example, 30 days). If the player doesn’t play and loses, they can still withdraw their money.
  2. Activity-based wagering requirements: Some casinos require that players play a certain amount of times a week or a certain amount of hands per hour, otherwise the bonus is voided.
  3. Spin-based wagering requirements: Players need to wager a certain amount of money before they can cash out. For example, if the player receives a $100 bonus and the spin-based wagering requirement is 25x, they must pay $2500 worth of slots.

What is the Benefit of No Wagering Requirement Casinos?

The biggest benefit of no-wagering casinos is that players are able to collect their winnings immediately. When you search online for “no wagering casino”, you will often see players posting about their amazing bonuses. No-wagering requirement casinos are especially useful for high roller players who don’t want to sit through playthroughs. More and more online casinos offer no-wagering requirements as an added feature, but it doesn’t mean that you should avoid wagering casinos. Each type of casino has its own pros and cons, just like the recent Brad Pitt`s lawsuit.  

Free Spins No Wagering

There’s a special type of no wagering casino bonus – the free spins no wagering offer, which is also known as “free spin no deposit”. Free spins no wagering offers are only available in casinos that offer video slots. They allow players to play for free on selected slot machine games. No deposit is required, which means that you don’t risk any of your money by using these offers.

There are many benefits to free spin no wagering bonuses, but the biggest one is that players don’t need to meet playthrough requirements because there’s no actual money involved! The video slot machine doesn’t cost you anything, so it’s easy to understand why free spin no wagering bonuses are so popular. Another thing that makes these offers extremely valuable is that they can be used on multiple machines! For example, if you receive 20 free spins, you can use all of them on one video slot game or just a couple of them on two different machine games. It’s up to you!

Finding the Best No Wager Casino

Before choosing an online casino with no wagering requirements, it’s important to find out what the playthrough requirements are. No-wager casinos tend to have high playthrough requirements, which means you will see your money more slowly. Some online casinos with low wagering requirements also offer no-wager bonuses, so make sure to find the best deal.

Top 5 criteria for choosing a no wager online casino:

  1. Payment methods: All online casinos allow the most popular payment methods, such as credit/debit cards and e-wallets. The more options available, the better!
  2. Banking: From what currencies do they accept? Many online casinos allow deposits and withdrawals in various currencies. Make sure you know which one is available on your preferred online casino.
  3. Deposit/withdrawal limits: How much can you deposit and withdraw? Mandatory limits are a standard feature of regulated casinos, but some rogue operators also apply certain limits for everyone, even VIP players.
  4. Licenses: All regulated casinos have to apply for a license from the corresponding licensing authority. Make sure you know where your online casino is licensed and what this means for your money.
  5. Support: The best online casinos provide efficient 24/7 support via email, phone, or live chat – so choose one that will be able to assist you whenever you have a question.

Wagering Requirements for Mobile Casinos

The wagering requirements for mobile casinos are very similar to normal online casino games. The only difference is that you need to play the exact same slots or table games on your mobile phone as you did on your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet device. Make sure that before you claim a bonus, you’re familiar with all the rules and terms.

Free spins no wagering offers are very common in mobile casinos because most of the providers offer this type of bonus to every operator who’s interested. The only requirement is that the game needs to be compatible with mobile devices and include auto spin or free spin features. Wagering requirements for free spins are usually x20 playthroughs.


As we already discussed, there are many types of wagering requirements, and they can be confusing. The best way to avoid any misunderstandings is to read the wagering terms and conditions before you decide whether or not a casino offer is worth your time. Online casino wagering requirements are set up to make sure that players don’t abuse offers and take advantage of casinos. That’s why it’s important to follow them.