Not long ago our heart would race whenever we thought about the next phone bill.
We live in a different time, and this infamous bill shock is now a thing of the past. Here’s why we love fixed price plans, and why you should love them too

Do you remember those days not too long ago, when you had to pay per consumption and how scared we used to get towards the end of the month? Until recently, we were mostly charged by minute, mega, download, add-ons, etc., a payment method called PAYG (Pay As You Go).But times have since changed, and today we see more and more businesses offering an alternative, simpler payment plan, called FPP (Fixed Price Plan).

The FPP is a binding contract where a customer pays a fixed price and receives certain services for it. No hidden fees, no fine prints. The switch to FPP is a win-win kind of change as both sides are well aware of their side of the agreement.Therefore, it’s become common in various services: e-mail platforms, international conference calls services, cell phone providers and more.

Peace Of Mind Is King

The Fixed Price Plan forestalls your bill shock and mitigates your bill trauma. No unpleasant surprises at the end of the road, no additional payments you aren’t aware of, no unpredictable price fluctuations. In practice, it means you earn consistency and some peace of mind (which is priceless, some would argue).

You can rest assured knowing you will receive exactly what you’ve ordered. From now on you can confide your provider, establish a trust-based relationship with it and put your mind into other topics. As insignificant as it might sound, this switch has a relieving long lasting effect.

Project Planning Made Easy

Budgeting is always ten times tougher when you have many variables. In fact, it means you need to rely on estimations rather than predict the overall costs of a project.The FPP saves you the budgeting headache as well as the trouble of comparing between the monthly bill and the actual usage. You know exactly how much you need to pay and what you’re going to get for it. In other words, you don’t take budget risks and can plan ahead with a lot less to worry about.

You Choose Your Plan

By now you probably know the volume of services your business requires. You might be making 30 international conference calls a month, sending 30,000 emails to clients or sending 500 text messages. Whatever your figures are, they have a Fixed Price Plan to match. Not to mention, the larger your volume is, the lower you pay per unit. For instance, once your business grows and you need to send 50,000 emails instead of 30,000 or to call 50 calls instead of 30, you’ll pay less per email/call.The less you pay per unit, the larger your margin is.

One Time User? PAYG Is The Right Pick For You

With all that being said, some target groups should opt for a PAYG plan rather than the FPP: for example customers who need a one-time service or who are interested in testing the product before they enter a long-term agreement with the provider. Also, and although the fixed price plans have become prevalent, there are many services that don’t offer it, for their own reasons.

The bottom line is, the FPP allows you to plan long term projects better,saves you time on comparing between the bill and the usage, prevents building stress and enables you to choose the right plan for your business needs. Is it worth it? Let’s just say that most people who switch to fixed price are reluctant to switch back to the PAYG plan. Give it a risk-free try and find out for yourself.