It is hard to believe that there are Instagram growth services that can bring large amounts of followers organically and in a short period of time. Nitreo claims to be such a service and we are here to check whether their claims are true. We will review the tool and compare it with some other options.

What are Instagram growth tools?

Instagram growth tools and services are ways to hand over the control of your account to a third party with the purpose of increasing user engagement metrics. The service can achieve it in two ways:

  • They can add user engagement metrics (likes, comments, followers etc.) from their existing network. Usually, it is a network of bot accounts, but it can also be legitimate users paid to perform actions.
  • They can use your account to perform tasks that are likely to increase user engagement. For example, liking posts of targeted accounts because they have a high probability of liking you back or becoming followers.

The first option involves a higher risk of getting banned since using bots or other schemes of inorganic growth is against Instagram’s Terms and Conditions. The second option is safer but usually takes a lot more time for the result to become visible.

An intermediary option is to use automation tools. They will not increase user engagement metrics without additional input but can help you manage multiple accounts easier. They also involve bots, so some risk of bans is involved if used without caution.


Nitreo is the second type of growth service that will take over your account and won’t require you to do anything else besides creating content. They use a powerful artificial intelligence system to find potential followers and automatically engage with them through various actions.

Primarily, they use automatic following for increasing user engagement. When you follow a person on Instagram, they receive a notification, and it is common courtesy to follow you back. Using such a strategy doesn’t guarantee an increased follower count, but it is a safe way to ensure long-term growth.

Besides following, Nitreo can also like, comment and view stories- all actions that are expected to bring user engagement back to your account. Achieving these tasks yourself would take a lot of time, but time efficiency isn’t even the main benefit of Nitreo.

Engaging with users on Instagram and expecting to get some action back is a hit-or-miss game. You can never know whether the person will like your content and become a follower. Using an advanced system, such as Nitreo, enables you to target only the most potential users.

Every action Nitreo makes with your account is more likely to bring back followers because they select accounts according to multiple criteria. These may include hashtags used, gender, profile picture, follower count, and additional variables are evaluated before engaging with a user.

There are more features and different approaches we should account for while fully reviewing Nitreo. Follow this link if you want to learn about a Nitreo review that is more comprehensive than we can allow ourselves here.


Nitreo offers two pricing options – Essential and Speed plans. The first one costs 49 USD, while the second is 79 USD per month. Unfortunately, there is no free trial option, so you cannot know whether the service is suitable for you before you spend money for at least a month’s subscription.

The features of these pricing plans aren’t that informative either. You only get to know that the Essential plan gives you fast growth with only some targeting, and the Speed plan provides even faster growth with extra targeting features.

The additional features, such as story viewing, comment liking and location targeting, might be a deal-breaker for some. Unfortunately, “fast growth” versus “fastest growth” isn’t helpful descriptions for picky choosers.

After looking into some reviews, it is safe to conclude that a better choice is to start with the Essential plan and upgrade later if you find the Nitreo useful.

Benefits for business 

Now that we have defined Nitreo, we can move on to answer why it is beneficial for businesses. This question is a general problem for Instagram and social media marketing. If a business can survive without such promotion, why bother with tools like Nitreo? Here are two main reasons.

Brand awareness. Everyone’s attention is directed at social media these days. An average internet user spends around two and a half hours on social media sites daily, according to Statista. The number is projected only to grow in upcoming years, so not grabbing this attention is just irrational.

Among all social media sites, Instagram is one of the best places to promote a brand as visual content is the basis of this platform. With tools like Nitreo, every other aspect of Instagram marketing is taken care of automatically, so all you need to do is post constantly.

Lead generation and sales. Finding potential customers on social media is easy. Instagram segments its users into groups, so you only need to find the right ones and offer them your products.

Of course, with Nitreo, you don’t even need to do this. It will filter and attract followers automatically. You will only need to establish contact with users and start pitching. It saves a ton of time and money for sales teams.

Final verdict

Nitreo is a worthy contender for being the best Instagram growth tool. It will increase your follower base in a fairly safe manner, enabling next-level Instagram marketing. So, all in all, there is no serious reason to ignore Nitreo.