If your goal is to increase the sales by up to 50%, how can this be done? Should you advertise some more? Or invest more time and money into your marketing strategy? Despite the fact that all of these could work, it’s definitely faster and cheaper to increase your conversion rate instead. Keep in mind, if you have a 2% conversion, going to 3% would definitely uplift the results for as much as 50%.

Most of the time, a small modification could lead to remarkable results in conversion rates. Here are some of the things that you can do to enjoy that.

1. Don’t focus on the features, but highlight the benefits instead

What is a ‘feature’? This serves as the statement about the service or product being offered. To ensure conversion rates, it’s important to answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” When describing the product being sold.

2. Add Review or Testimonials Whenever It’s Possible

Today’s consumer listen more to other customers than the advertisers who are trying to promote the product. They base their decisions on how others view the product they are interested in purchasing. To support that, try to think about the last few purchases you made online. Did you read several reviews first before making that purchase? Basically, adding testimonials and reviews to your website is a great way to add credibility and built trust to your site.
Here are some of the best ways to use reviews for your benefit:


Add testimonials on product pages. This would influence the customers to consider buying from your shop.
Feature positive customer tweets on your website. This would give a face to the brand of your website and build trust at the same time.
Ask your customers to take part in case studies and have this featured on your site.
Come up with video testimonials that can be embedded on the website and in a YouTube channel for brand promotion.

3. Make It Urgent!

One of the most effective tactics in conversion rate optimisation would be having a limited time promotion. This age-old marketing tactic has shown wonderful results because it always works. However, not all marketers are aware of this and you’d even be surprised to find out that they don’t even give their visitors a sense of urgency. Use this marketing tactic to influence the buyer that buying right now would be the best route for them.

– The use of urgent copy, such as “Limited Time Offer,” “Offer Ending Soon,” and “Limited Stocks” left could help a lot.
– Set a definite deadline.
– Use strike-through pricing.
– Make sure that you offer the users a clear next step that would trigger them to make a purchase.
– Try to sweeten the deal if possible; offer customers more reasons to buy your products– this can be discounts or incentives.

4. Use Free Shipping Whenever Possible

This is another way to drive online purchases in just a short amount of time. See to it that you pay attention to your profit margins, but still try to offer free shipping whenever you can– it’s a great way to influence consumers to purchase more, because they’ll think that they’re saving a lot from the shipping cost.

Aside from that, offering free or discounted shipping can also lessen the chances of the shopping cart being abandoned. In fact, based on the data gathered by Kissmetrics, around 28% of shoppers would rather abandon their cart once they find out they have to shoulder huge shipping costs. It’s also crucial that you advertise free shipping as much as you can.


5. Use Strike-Through Pricing

Who doesn’t love a deal? That in mind, if the customer thinks that they’re getting the chance of being able to purchase a product lesser than its original site on your website, there’s a huge possibility that they’ll be more interested in getting that product, as they would also be saving more.

6. Add Call to Action on Every Page

Each page of a website should be guiding the visitors toward making a purchase. Think of each page as an opportunity to convert visitors into buyers. What we’re trying to say is that you should persuade your visitors to check out what you have to offer.
Final Words

Overall, these tips would guide you toward the right direction. Whenever you feel that it’s about time to make a few changes on your website, make sure to test those changes as well to ensure everything would run smoothly.