Next Cart is a shopping cart migration tool that provides services for you to migrate your shopping cart to any cart in a blink of an eye. We serve all types of customers from small, medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, and freelancers.

This tool allows store owners, businesses to transform their data in just a few mouse clicks, what they call a three-step process. You won’t need to worry about setting up a database or classifying independent data such as products, images, categories, customers, orders, blog posts, pages, and other related data can all be transformed seamlessly easily.

Next Cart shopping cart migration tool for online shopping carts

Migrating your online shop can be done in several ways. But each method has its advantages/disadvantages.

Manual migration gives you the initiative but requires a deep understanding of the structure of the e-commerce site as well as the IT capabilities. Exporting data as CSV files takes a lot of time, and even a small mistake can relocate data wrong in the target cart.

Or you can select a team of experts, developers if your business switch contains a large amount of data and you want to smoothly transfer.

To import your old store to another platform, you need to install Next Cart migration tool. For each particular platform, the tool is updated to be compatible with the newest version.

With 7 years of specialized operation in the field of data migration, supporting more than 20000 customers, Next Cart experts have won the trust of customers. And Next Cart’s shopping cart migration service has the following strengths to meet that demand.

Fast and efficient data migration process

The migration process will take place within three steps with complete and detailed instructions from the developer. From any platform, after storing important data, your migration will go like this:

#1. Source and Target cart setup

You will have three options to set up: Open-Source Carts, Cloud-based Carts, and Carts that use File.

Select your shopping cart (corresponding to the e-commerce platform you are using), paste the URL. Depending on the cart type, you will be directed to download and unzip the KitConnect or fill in the API credentials.

The same process is done for the Target cart.

#2. Select Entity

You will have to define the number of entities that you want to migrate like products, orders, customers… You can customize the migration with the Additional Options, these are advanced options that help users in detail with their migration.

#3. Perform the migration

After completing the above 2 steps, a dialog pops up and informs you that the whole process of setting up your information has been approved. Keep your device active during the entire migration process. When you receive the message “Congratulations”, it means that a new era for your online store is ready.

Security and accurate pricing

First of all, Next Cart minimizes the possibility of users having to install any application on their devices. This first limits the possibility that malicious software can enter the machine through the installation path.

The entire shopping cart migration process is done through a secure system by Next Cart experts. The data is taken care of by a dedicated server using SSL encryption. Only authorized Next Cart professionals can access your login details and none of them are stored once the migration is complete.

You will pay on the number of entities upfront. Next Cart offers a starting price of $20 for 400 entities, with a limit of 100 units per entity (100 Products, 100 Customers, 100 Orders, 100 Blog Posts). With 2000 entities it will cost us $49 with a limit of 500 units per entity, $69 for a limit of 1000 units per entity. Coming with this pricing is an exclusive service that ranges from partial to full supporting.

Help anytime, anywhere

You’ll get 24/7 support year-round, meaning that if you’re in the mood to move your store on Christmas, staff will be there to help. As soon as the migration process begins, a staff member will link you up through the Helpdesk. This employee will work with you, helping you until you are satisfied with the final result. Ticket, phone, live chat, or email… users can contact any channel that works for them.

Other services from Next Cart to help you perfect your store

All the following services are included in the VIP Support Service package from Next Cart. The options it offers are really worth a try.

Migration Assistant

This service turns the user into a true spectator as technicians complete most of the work on your behalf. The necessary migrations and configurations are guaranteed to give you the most efficient results. The user only has to provide the cart login and send the ticket to the specified email of the vendor. The details will then be validated and a notification will be sent to inform about the data migration.

Ticket content:

  • Admin URL + Admin account of source and target store
  • FTP/SSH/cPanel (only for open source shopping cart installed on your server)
  • The answer to this question: “Are we allowed to delete the data in your target store during the migration?”.
  • Test Migration Request (Migration Support)

File Migration Service

For customers who need to import/export data as CSV, XML, XLS, Next Cart supports file migration service.

After providing your web URL and necessary data to the support staff, the data will be converted to CSV, XML, XLS. Files of this type can be moved safely and efficiently in two directions:

  • Import data from CSV, XML, XLS to your business website
  • Export data from your business website to CSV, XML, XLS

Migration Customization Service

This service from Next Cart re-structures your store’s database into ideal third-party modules and ensures that all modules migrate according to customer requirements. It also provides custom types for migrations, extensions, settings, and debugging. Specifically:

  1. Support the data migration process:
  • Update specific data outside the scope of the migration service from Source Cart to Target Cart (eCommerce store).
  • Update data that has been migrated by other migration providers.
  • Migrate data from third-party extensions to Target Cart.
  • Customize the migration according to your requirements.
  • Migrate your website from current hosting to another hosting.
  1. Extensions
  • Resolve conflicts between migrated data and third-party extensions in the Target Cart.
  • Customize the extensions/modules/plugins in your eCommerce store to your needs.
  • Make changes in your eCommerce store as per your requirement.
  • Handle errors/errors that occur in your eCommerce store.
  1. Installation
  • Install Target Cart on a specific server.
  • Install the necessary extensions on your eCommerce store.
  1. Debugging
  • Handle errors/errors that occur in your eCommerce store.

Target Store Installation

Once the migration is complete, if setting up a new store is also difficult for you, Next Cart experts will also show up to assist you in “decorating” your new store with the theme you have chosen from your server.


Quyên Lê is the Content Specialist/Manager of Next Cart with more than 4 years of experience generating high-engaging content in eCommerce, SaaS, digital marketing, and more. She also executes social media content and conducts visual guidelines for excellent conversion performance.