Considering that Liverpool is one of the pacesetters of the Premier League, it was a relatively long shot for Newcastle United to snatch a win from Liverpool FC during their Premier League match. When you consider that the latter currently has the most active front three players in the world of football, Newcastle enters the fray knowing that the slightest blunder would cause a landslide into a crushing defeat.

Newcastle of all teams understands how challenging it can be to pull a win when the odds are stacked against you. However, the prospect of losing seemed to lift after a truly stunning goal during the first ten minutes of the game – scored by Willems for Newcastle United. For more sports news, look into!

Dwindling hopes

When you consider that Newcastle was battling Liverpool in their territory, the first goal proved to have the intended effect. Liverpool looked to be fumbling as they tried to rally. However, they were not the only ones in the match to make a costly mistake. During the twenty-eighth minute, the equalizer of the game came from a clutch play by Andy Roberston and Sadio Mane. Emil Krafth could not stop Andy from lining things up for his team, which eventually led to the morale of Newcastle cracking under pressure.

As if that was not enough, Sadio Mane was not finished with his rally. He managed to score once again just five minutes before the game’s break to solidify a lead. It was a decisive blow to Newcastle, who were struggling to keep up with the fantastic offense of Liverpool.

Losing out on a chance to equalize

After half-time, Christian Atsu ended up losing possession. There was also a chance for Krafth to balance the game when he had the perfect opportunity to score a goal. He ended up missing from twelve yards, which was one of their last chances to bring the game back to their pace. After that, it was a series of unfortunate mistakes and a lack of opportunities that eventually led to Newcastle losing out to Liverpool.

A hard-fought defeat

While mistakes were undoubtedly made, it can be challenging to blame Newcastle for failing to take down Liverpool – who are backed by their fans in home turf. It is a lot of pressure, and it can be all-too-easy to end up cracking. That said, in the Premier League, it is vital to stay calm as the quality of the teams in the league is astounding. There is indeed no disgrace in falling to Liverpool at the current stage of the game, though Newcastle might have been able to inch out a victory if they kept their cool

Jetro Willems – the person responsible for Newcastle’s only goal against Liverpool – remained positive after the match. “It was not a mix up over the position; it was a miscommunication with me and to me in that game. That can happen. After that, we kept going. It’s football. Mistakes can be made.”