Do you want to find the best weapons in the New World? We have a wide selection of Amazon’s new MMO in this article. The player will now be able to equip two weapons simultaneously after reaching level 5. 

The two skill trees for each weapon allow you to mix your play styles to suit your needs. Players in New World have various options when it comes to customizing their weapon loadout. Players can build a loadout that includes over 120 combinations of weapons using 11 different weapons in total. 

When facing combat situations, you should make sure you have one weapon capable of close-range damage and another capable of long-range damage. It takes skill to maneuver in and out of the thick of things in the New World while dealing damage wherever you are. 

1. Sword Shield and Life Staff

You can select both offensive and defensive combat in the Sword and Shield. As you make your way through the game, your early mistakes can often be overcome by the Life Staff.

You will play this combo differently depending on your primary weapon, the Sword and Shield. The Defender skill tree is perfect for tanks and support builds with crowd control abilities and passive buffs. 

Combined with the Life Staff’s healing skills, tanking can sustain your time on the field. When you explore the swordmaster skill tree, you have the option of becoming a support/DPS hybrid. It’s up to you.

2. Great Axe and Hatchet

There are no brakes on this weapon combo. You may want to consider this weapon combo if you tend to hold your W-keys toward your enemies. The Great Axe and Hatchet combo offers excellent DPS output, mobility, and crowd control, so it is a perfect choice if you wish to experience combat fully. 

Additionally, if you require ranged attacks, Hatchet’s Throwing provides that too. Because Hatchet’s Berserker and weapon mastery trees synergize well with one another, this build is excellent. 

The Mauler skill tree in the Great Axe will give you more crowd control abilities. Take a look at the Reaper skill tree if you wish to increase your mobility and damage. No matter what path you take, the damage you deal will be insane.

3. Rapier and Ice Gauntlet

Despite being difficult to master, this weapon combo gets a lot of attention regarding PvP content. Due to the Rapier’s highly technical offensive capabilities as well as the debuffs and invulnerability of the Ice Gauntlet, enemies will have little trouble when they face off against it in a duel. 

Additionally, Ice Gauntlet’s crowd control skills should make PvE easy to manage since it’s used primarily to mop off the last survivors. Combinations that scale with Intelligence are the strongest: both weapons benefit from this synergy.

4. War Hammer and Life Staff

This combo will require you to use the War Hammer as your primary weapon. Life staff with single-cast, quick-switch skills will help you fight multiple enemies at once. 

Sacred Ground, the AoE healing spell of the Life Staff, can turn this into something truly extraordinary if you are focused on holding your Ground. Strength is an essential part of this combo because War Hammer’s damage scales with it. 

5. Rapier and Fire Staff

The Fire Staff and Rapier together are among the best loadout for pure damage output; however, you’ll be squishy in combat, especially when playing by yourself. 

Using this build-in group situation will get a strong balance between melee-range burst, long-range sustained damage, and mobility. 

To get the most out of this build, you need to effectively utilize your damage-over-time abilities like the Rapier’s Tondo and the Fire Staff’s Single. 

The basics of switching weapons and applying DoT effects will take some time to master, but once you do, you will be a force to be reckoned with, particularly in PvE. Overall, it will help you improve your game. 

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6. War Hammer and Ice Gauntlet

Especially strong when used in conjunction with the Ice Gauntlet is the War Hammer. By using it from afar, you can not only deal damage but also slow your opponents, allowing you to prepare your opponents for a melee attack. 

By the time you’ve dealt enough damage from the backline and are facing your target from behind, they should be damaged, slowed, and in a position to be killed. From long-range, you become extremely valuable with abilities such as Ice Storm and Ultimate Chill. 

When you get close to an enemy, you will be able to use the War Hammer, one of the most lethal two-handed weapons in the game.

You can combine different weapons according to your choice. Every weapon has its other ability and quality of attack. So, you can use the combination of any firearm that suits you best or you like the most.