Today’s 21st century home is filled with lots of cool conveniences and technologies that bring us closer to our childhood predictions of a futuristic life in Orbit City with the Jetsons.

Although it’s not 2062 yet, these new technologies are fast becoming more commonplace for the modern home. While some of these sleek gizmos and gadgets require a double-take, they’re all exceptionally functional, cost efficient, and eco-friendly.

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Airocide Air Purifier

In lieu of traditional filters, this NASA-designed air purifier uses nanotechnology to purify those toxins in your home’s air that often impact and worsen symptoms for those who suffer from asthma or various allergies. The scientifically-designed purifier oxidizes those pathogens at a molecular level through two high-tech catalytic reaction chambers. While it makes your home’s air healthy, it doesn’t detract from your home’s ambiance. In fact, the Airocide Air Purifier could easily pass for a piece of modern art – especially with its discreetly-placed touch controls.

24/7 Monitored Home Security System

Although home security systems, in general, are not new for homeowners who seek to protect their property and the people they love, the state-of-the-art capabilities that 21st century home security systems offer are high-tech.

Today’s sophisticated, top-of-the-line home monitoring systems not only include a digital touchpad that enables you to quickly access your local police department, emergency response units, and firefighters with a simple “one-touch” of the pad, but also components that monitor your home 24/7 to identify both potential and real threats.

Many of the best technologies include: sensors for entrances to alert you of unexpected visitors or intruders on your property, precisely-tuned motion detection with built-in immunity technology that won’t set off false alarms when Fido’s exploring the home or property, and a high-decibel interior siren that’s loud enough for you to hear whether you are in the laundry room, the shower, or your home theater.

In addition, today’s advanced home security and monitoring systems provide cellphone access for video cameras, automated door locking, automated lamp and small appliance control, a backup power system, and fire safety, carbon monoxide, and flood warnings.

Nest Learning Thermostat

That seemingly-subtle little box with its tiny screen mounted inconspicuously on your home’s wall is, in fact, a new technology popular in many tech-oriented homes today.

While the intricacies of exactly “how” the nest learning thermostat works are pretty complicated, how it’s handled by the homeowner couldn’t be simpler. This new technology is used exactly like the traditional home thermostat (albeit with a cool retro-modern look). Initially, you change the temperature in your home as you normally would. Every single time you do this, it begins to learn about your particular habits and preferences for your home’s temperature.

The Nest Learning Thermostat will remember your home’s temperature when you go to bed, what time you usually vacate the house for work, when you return home, and countless other lifestyle habits where you prefer a change in your home’s temperature. This high-tech system not only keeps you physically comfortable in your castle, but also cuts down on your home’s heating and cooling costs.

Kohler Numi Toilet

This high-tech toilet for the modern home bathroom has tons of features that are not only eco-friendly and fabulously functional, but also stylishly impressive for this necessary (but often considered boring) component of every bathroom.

The Numi toilet features illuminated panels, a deodorizing charcoal filter, a multi-option bidet wand and air dryer, a foot warmer, and, of course – a motion-activated seat and lid. Kohler’s taken the plunge in high-tech toilets even one step further – the Numi toilet also has built-in speakers that play your favorite tunes through a cleverly-created remote docking station.