Content marketing is the new kid on the block. Native advertising is giving way to content rich marketing, content which is valuable and relevant to a given consumer group. Great content marketing is usually characterized by original content which changes the way consumers interact marketing material. But it’s much easier said than done. Many companies are finding it increasingly difficult to consistently meet the demands of a multivariate consumer base whose thirst for new content is ravenous.  Providing content is one thing but providing content which will drive profitable consumer action is another.


The guys at Magical Vegas have gotten it right. Through a Google consumer survey they managed to create fun and engaging content for online gambling enthusiasts. Magical Vegas is an online casino which offers amongst others things a wide range of online slot games. The survey sought to find out, what the women in the state of Nevada thought was the most attractive accent. What really sets Magical Vegas apart is the depth of the content. The survey found that the British accent was the most attractive with 41.4% of the ladies in Vegas in agreement.  A distant second is the French accent with 17.3% and 11.6% of Vegas woman find the Irish accent the most attractive. Magical Vegas didn’t stop there. They wanted to find out why this was the case.

Bringing in Linguists at Matinee Multilingual for further analysis they found it might have to do with the British accent being associated with intelligence, education and history. Another point bought up was the permutation of British television, and its entry into the mainstream American media. The content provided is useful; it not only caters for gambling enthusiasts it is also of interest to travel buffs and marketers. It’s the way the content is multi-dimensional which makes it so effective.  This type of content maximizes on reach and engagement.
More than just creating great content, Magical Vegas added a promotional element, offering consumers a chance to win a trip to Vegas. This type of value addition is what enhances the effect of great content. It’s not enough to just have good content, there needs to be other elements to accentuate the content, and really start to get the most out of your content marketing initiatives.

For a further look, visit the Magical Vegas website at , you can also enter and stand a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas.