There are so many great ways to make a little extra cash these days – why not try one that leverages unused space? For travellers, there’s Airbnb, and for drivers, there are apps and websites that help connect people with daily, hourly or monthly parking. Check out the platforms listed below (in no particular order) that will help you make moolah out of your vacant parking space. Most of these options can be found on the App Store or in Google Play

1. BestParking 

This is an easy-to-use platform that has plenty of benefits for those renting out their parking spots. Managing inventory is super simple, and it’s easy to adjust prices and blackout dates.   The built-in QR scanner for scanning parking passes makes for quick check-ins into garages or lots. There’s also a customer support team that’s available to help if there are any concerns with the process. For drivers, this app also offers monthly parking spots available outside of the daily offerings.

2. SpotHero

If you’re in Chicago, New York City, San Francisco or any other major city in the US, or in Alberta or Ontario in Canada, consider using SpotHero. SpotHero boasts a high yield-per-stall (you can adjust your price based on demand) and their mobility platform, HeroConnect, is award-winning. They have a large customer base (millions!) and they also make booking a spot very easy thanks to a simple search, an easy booking and paying system, and the ability to scan a QR code with your smartphone.

3. WhereiPark

WhereiPark offers you the ability to post in Toronto and most major cities in the United States, making it a great solution for both citizens and companies alike. If you have multiple spots available, you can offer group parking rates, potentially attracting businesses who seek out this type of situation for their employees. There’s also a platform for team leaders to log on and manage all the spots and who’s parking in them. This tool isn’t available as an app, but the website has a mobile version. If you’re a real estate or parking company and you have spots that need filling, you’ll want to contact the WhereiPark team ASAP. 

4. Pavemint

Pavemint has an approval process when it comes to listing your space, so you’ll need to answer a few questions about your parking space while making a listing on their iOS app and web dashboard. Don’t forget to mention what makes your spot more attractive than others – you can list whether have security features, an EV charger or anything else that sets your spot apart. Once they’ve given you the okay, you can manage your listings on your phone or computer. Pavemint’s scheduling tool allows you to control when and at what time people can park. Once the spot is rented, the money goes straight into your Venom or bank account. They also offer in-app messaging so you can communicate with your parking guests easily.