Gone are the days when important business meetings required a face to face meeting. This involved a considerable expense, not to mention valuable time away from the office and lost productivity. Today, meetings can be streamlined and are more effective than ever via the use of video conference solutions. Individuals even from remote regions of the country and around the world can now work better together in a virtual environment that is more conducive to productive operations throughout the organization. Consider the following advantages and advances taking place as a result of more technologically based conference call solutions.

Increased Productivity

In person meetings are often criticized for being low on substance and, in many cases, a complete waste of time overall. Video conferencing allows everyone to focus more on the tasks at hand, exchange ideas, and then sign off to go work on each individual’s respective duties. It is also possible to work with clients to demonstrate important points about a product or service in a way that enables them to use it more quickly and efficiently. The virtual meetings that can now take place permits just about any stakeholder to connect with one another in a seamless and integrated fashion.

Cost Reduction

Long distance phone calls can become expensive. Not only are they impersonal, they can result in bills that quickly exceed anticipated budgets. Technological advances enable many video conferencing platforms to run over a VOIP network, allowing for unlimited calling from throughout North America. Add to this cost saving plans using PBX equipment, soft phones, and a variety of mobile applications and it is not uncommon to realize a savings of more than forty percent over existing telecommunications related expenses.

Improved Efficiency

Improved efficiency is the ultimate goal of any conferencing solution, and that is exactly what you will realize with the implementation of new video technology. Because it runs over the Internet, upgrades to the platform can be made automatically and with minimal downtime. This enables the system to adapt to changing and emerging technologies, which only service to improve efficiency over time. Voice messages can be accessed across the platform, as can faxes and text messages. In fact, users can access this information from any Internet enabled device on a 24/7 basis, meaning that one is no longer tied to a physical mainframe in order to get things accomplished. All of this can be controlled with administration functions for even more enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Fostering of Business Relationships

Time matters, particularly in business. When a solution is needed, it often cannot wait for a physical visit to the location. Video conferencing affords participants the opportunity to provide immediate assistance and prompt responses to clients, employees, and vendors whenever it is needed. This will build relationships and partnerships over time, which will only serve to enhance the overall effectiveness of the entire organization.

An Increase In Overall Employee Effectiveness

For employees to be effective, they need to have access to critical data on a moment’s notice. Video conferencing allows employees to interact with customers and other team members in a virtual environment from wherever they might be located at the time. In turn, this allows each party to feel a part of the solution, as opposed to sitting around and waiting for something to be done.

Better Access to Resources

It is also important to note that video conferencing gives all participants access to critical resources immediately, as opposed to having to wait for them to arrive and be implemented. Each person on the call can provide needed input and help troubleshoot any issue that arises, and this is a valuable time saver. When clients are involved, they will be positively impacted by having an entire network working on a possible solution as opposed to only a few individuals that might not have the expertise required to solve the problem. This also allows experts to be drawn into the conversation no matter where they might be physically located in the world, and this is invaluable as well.

Reduction in Travel

An obvious advantage of video conferencing that bears mention is the reduction in travel that occurs as a byproduct of the technology. Meetings can now be attended without ever having to leave the office. This not only cuts down on overall travel expenses, it also increases productivity. Much time is lost when employees are required to travel from one client location to another. Video conferencing cuts throughout all of that and provides a way to not only remedy a situation quickly, but to do so from the confines of the office itself.

There are many solutions available today to make video conferencing a reality. Technology in this area will only continue to evolve, and existing platforms are made to adapt right along with these changes.