Are you looking for a soft waterproof electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth? Don’t worry. Nandme NX 8000 is here to the rescue.

Nandme NX 8000 is a smart sensor sonic electric toothbrush with five pre-defined modes for efficiently cleaning your teeth. Also, it features DuPont Bristles that are metal-free and rust-free. The rounded bristles are soft and help you clean your teeth gently.

This is just a glimpse of the features you will enjoy with this exceptional product. Let us dive into the detailed article to learn more about the toothbrush. Here is the official link if you wish to check out the product’s price.

Why use an electric toothbrush?

With everyone investing in electric toothbrushes nowadays, you must know the chief reasons for making this shift. 

  • Effortless Brushing Experience

Electric toothbrushes are so much more convenient using vibrations via their motor-driven head. This makes the brushing experience relatively better than manual cleaning. They save quite a lot of energy as well.

  • Effective Cleaning Guaranteed

Owing to more vibration frequency of electric toothbrushes, there is more than 99.99% plaque removal. A recent study also predicted that you would enjoy good oral hygiene with fewer tooth decay issues with long-term usage of electric brushes.


  • Motor: Maglev Sonic Motor
  • Charging method: Contact charging
  • Charger cable: Charging dock with USB cable
  • Cleaning Modes: 5
  • Battery capacity: 2900mAh
  • Power: 3W
  • Voltage: 3.7V
  • Noise level: 67db
  • Battery life: 200 days while working in sensitive mode
  • Extra brush heads: 12 original heads included in the package


Noteworthy Features of Nandme NX 8000

Intelligent pressure sensing

The electric toothbrush comes with smart pressure control for gentle care of your gums and teeth. Long-term stress can damage your teeth if you have swollen, red and sensitive gums. They need gentle care and cleaning.

Nandme NX 8000 comes with intelligent pressure-sensing technology. It will reduce the vibration frequency automatically and indicate if the pressure level on the head rises above 200g. The light will turn yellow and you will come to know that the pressure is high. Moreover, the light will turn blue, indicating the time to change the brush head so that you enjoy efficient cleaning.

Long Battery Life

When fully charged, the device will run for approximately 200 days in the sensitive cleaning mode. The brush takes seven to twelve hours to charge completely. The best thing is that it comes with a charger dock and USB cable for quick charging.

You can insert the brush in the dock and charge it. You can power the dock with a power bank, laptop, car charger, or a direct USB port.

Deep and efficient cleaning 

The electric toothbrush features a 4.0 High-Performance Maglev Sonic Motor, which creates vibrations at 41000 VPM(Vibration Per Minute). It offers deep cleaning of your teeth and gums and removes up to 99.99% plaque to maintain healthy oral hygiene.

Five cleaning modes

Nandme NX 8000 comes with five pre-defined cleaning modes: Sensitive, Clean, White, Polish, and Gum Care. All these modes take cleansing to the next level and offer extra care to your dental hygiene. Let us discuss them in detail

  1. Sensitive: Perfect for first-time users and people with sensitive teeth and gums.
  2. Clean: The mode ensures deep cleaning of your teeth 
  3. White: You can use the mode to reduce the yellow color and remove stains from your teeth.
  4. Polish: The mode brightens the teeth and polishes them so you can have a shiny white smile.
  5. Gum Care: The mode gives extra care to the health of your gums.

DuPont Bristles

The brush head features DuPont bristles that are metal and rust-free. These non-copper bristles are soft and thin, promoting efficient cleaning of your teeth. The ordinary metal bristles have a sparse arrangement which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Nandme NX 8000 has DuPont bristles that reduce the void space to prevent any collection of dirt and the growth of bacteria.

The rounded bristles further take good care of your gums without causing any bleeding.

Waterproof Brush

The electric brush comes with an IPX7 rating which allows you to use it even while showering and bathing. The design is totally waterproof and works properly, even if you use it around water.

Smart Timer

The brush incorporates an intelligent timer that has a two-minute auto-off feature. Moreover, it comes with a 30-second zone change prompt to properly clean all the corners of your mouth. It further promotes the cleaning habit that is recommended by dentists for white teeth and healthy gums.

Travel-Friendly Product

The brush is small in size and can be charged quickly using a USB port, making it the perfect product for carrying anywhere. Moreover, you get 12 original brush heads in the package. You can change the head anytime without panicking about buying another in case of an emergency. 

What are the benefits of 12 brush heads included with Nandme NX 8000?

There are five main benefits of including 12 brush heads with Nandme NX 8000. 

  • Cost-Effective Solution

You will find most electric toothbrushes offering only two brush heads. Thus, consumers need to buy separate brush heads once the existing ones are used. Moreover, electric toothbrush manufacturers focus on generating good revenue by selling individual brush heads at a higher rate.

Buying 12 brush heads gives consumers an advantage of spending money once and getting toothbrushes for three years. Also, it reduces the hassle of repeatedly purchasing individual brush heads and spending more money.

  • Reliable Brand Name

Even though Nandme brand is new, all its products are developed with a customer-centric approach. Also, the cost of products is quite reasonable, making the brand products easy to access. The company has a well-defined R&D team with a production plant to attain international standards in all safety aspects, like product safety, material selection, and quality control. With such pointers in mind, customers will find all Nandme products entirely trustworthy.

  • Follow The Dentists Recommendation Of Replacing The Brush Head After 3 Months

Regular toothbrush replacement is crucial to maintain proper oral care. As per a test by American dentists, when they researched toothbrushes of 1000 random people, they witnessed the brushes contaminated by bacteria such as Streptococcus haemolyticus, Staphylococcus, Candida albicans, and Pneumococcus. This bacteria growth multiplies in just a few weeks and causes several infections. 

With everyday brushing using the same toothbrushes, the bacteria travel inside the body and lead to problems like chronic pharyngitis, gingivitis, rheumatic myocarditis, stomatitis, nephritis, etc. This makes it essential to replace toothbrushes in 2 to 3 months, even if the brush looks fine. So, don’t wait for your brush bristles to get curled or broken to get a new head. Just switch your old brush head with a new one. 

  • No Loss Deal for the consumer

Don’t worry if the 12 brush heads don’t get used up. There will be any loss to the consumer. Remember, the product price depends on its materials and production processes. The average cost difference does not go above $1. However, big brand names charge upto $70 for ten brush heads that would have just cost $7. Going for a brand that provides more value as per the cost is the best thing, even if all brush heads are not used.

Final Verdict

Here are all the features and specifications of the Nandme NX 8000 electric toothbrush. The product raises oral hygiene to the next level and allows you to take care of your teeth and gums properly.

It reduces manual labor and allows you to form a dentist-recommended brushing technique for efficient cleaning. Go through the article to understand all the features and get your hands on this superior dental care solution.