If you’re an ambitious IT professional like me, you’ve probably heard about or considered a Hadoop Developer Certification. That is the most prestigious and desirable certification that can quickly change your status within the blink of an eye. One moment you’re an average IT professional and the next, you’re facing the possibility of $300,000 a year as your starting salary.

Who wouldn’t want that?

However, you have to prove yourself worthy of the certification and all the perks that follow after passing the relevant exam. In this article, I’ll share with you some of the tips that I learned in preparation for my Hadoop Developer Certification Exam. The good news is that I passed, and with these guidelines, I have no doubt that you’ll pass the exam as well.

Here’s my tried and tested experience of passing the Hadoop Developer Certification exam and everything you need to know about the certification.

Why Professionals like me Pursue Cloudera Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification

Big data certifications are the future for most organizations in the 21st century. More than ever before, the companies are looking for better ways to collect and analyze their data, then store it securely over time.

The opportunity brings unequaled software that calls for the most knowledgeable and efficient IT personnel in the market. Allow me to expound on some of the benefits I enjoy as a Hadoop Certified Developer.

●      Better Salary:

It’s one of the fundamental reasons IT professionals pursue the course. It sets you apart from your peers and gets you a salary increment that could double or triple what you’re currently getting. Big data Hadoop certification shows that you’re competent and well versed in various up-to-date skills; thus you get well-compensated for it.

●      Self-Validation:

Hadoop certification is a comprehensive course that covers coding, optimizing and maintaining Hadoop Apache products. You get to cement your skills in creating databases and working with various systems, data values, and data sets. Having a Hadoop certification is, therefore, a boost to your resume because it shows competence.

●      Learning Core Concepts at Own Pace:

Big data Hadoop Certification focuses on the most relevant and latest concepts on-demand across various industry sectors. Technology keeps taking different shapes, and the Big Data courses must also change to reflect the current technological advancement. Learning the latest trends at your leisure is comfortable and helps you to grasp everything that you need to stand out in the job market.

How I Prepared myself  For the Exam

The Big data Hadoop certification is an online course that helps the busy IT professionals to stay ahead of the industry’s significant changes. As a forward-thinking professional, how do you possibly prepare for the exam that will make or break your coding career?

Below are the various categories that I learned, understood, and even anyone needs to understand before attempting the exam.

Data Ingest:

Since you must have a background in programming, you should work well with MySQL and other data systems such as Sqoop, and HDFS. Practice on how to import and export MySQL data to and from HDFS using Sqoop and Hadoop File systems commands.

Additional requirements under data ingestion are the processing of streaming data while it loads on your cluster and using Sqoop to change the delimiter and file format during the importing process.

Transform, State and Store:

Under the category, you need to practice reading, and writing using different data formats, joins, and aggregates with API spark. Transformation of data from HDFS and loading it back using the various forms is a must. In addition, standard data extraction techniques will come in handy.

Data Analysis:

Using the loaded data, you should learn to generate reports using data analytics tools. It is enough to learn how to generate reports using Spark SQL and Hive for the purpose of doing the certification. Working with loaded data and programming, practice to filter, rank, and join data sets. You should also practice the creation of intelligent queries to calculate aggregates and understand the complete process of working with Spark using data sets.


This is the practical part of the big data Hadoop Developer certification exam. You’ll need to understand how to write code as well as coming up with the various aspects of optimizing the result.

Change or improve the configuration of your application using various command lines such as increasing the working memory.

Exam Details

The exam has 12 questions that should take 120 minutes to finish. They will cover all the above topics inclusive of Avro, Spark Scala, DDL and generation Evolution. Start with easy questions to save time for the hard questions. The examiner will be with you on the webcam to ensure that you don’t have any materials that can compromise the exam results.

Important Instructions

Time Management:

The exam has a limited time of 120 minutes where you need to take an average of 10 minutes for each question. Starting with the ease questions may save you a few minutes from each which you can use on other time-consuming items.

Internet Speed:

Since you’ll be taking the exam online and your examiner will be with you via a webcam, it helps to have a fast internet speed with a minimum of 5 Mbps. It should be stable enough without interruptions throughout the examination time. Having an unstable internet is disruptive to your concentration and time may run out before you finish the paper.

Electricity Back-Up:

Sometimes the electricity fails at the most unexpected times. Have a backup ready in case it happens to avoid exam-progress disruption and postponing. Ensure you take care to look out for all eventualities so that you can concentrate on the exam day without any interruption.


Big data is the current trend in most organizations; thus big data developers are on high demand. The pattern will remain for a long time to come. As an ambitious IT professional, join the future of data technology by taking up a Big Data course. It will cut the competition out by a considerable percentage and increase what you take home at the end of the day.