The internet has revolutionized how we do business and collaborate. In fact, almost 81% of Americans use the web every single day, with 28% saying they are online continuously. This personal reliance on online technology and digital tools often spills over into the business sector. The pandemic has accelerated online shopping patterns, and businesses are increasingly dependent on SaaS and PaaS tools to run their operations smoothly.

For entrepreneurs, this dependence on innovation has created new opportunities. For startups, that means identifying the best tools to use in the first place. Here are some technologies that you can implement in your business to ensure a seamless operation.

Online Fax Solutions

It’s hard to imagine the continued use of fax as one of the best business innovations for present-day organizations. But fax has not just survived in the modern age, it is thriving. Recent fax statistics reveal that billions of fax records are transferred every year, sent from an assortment of over 43 million fax machines. 

But fax machines are a cumbersome remnant of a former period: slow, costly, a risk to information security, and immobile. Fax as a practice should be a piece of your business, but if you’re still relying on fax machines, it’s time to adopt online faxing. Without the capacity to fax, your business faces likely challenges with confidential document processing, storage and connectivity. 

Online fax is a completely advanced fax solution. The experts at eFax note that online fax solutions enable fax connectivity without the requirement for a physical fax machine. It allows the transmission of fax records between a variety of devices, including PCs and smartphones. It also provides the adaptability and security of present-day innovations. Not only that, with online faxing, there is still the option to interface with old-fashioned fax machines. So, regardless of whether your customers have obsolete tech or not, you can stay up-to-date. 

In a world dominated by fax yet plagued by the hardware that empowers it, online faxing is one of the easiest and most helpful modern innovations you can incorporate into your business. 

Customer Relationship Management Software

Since customers are so important, it shouldn’t be surprising that a whole segment of tech tools is devoted to them. Client Relationship Management (CRM) software allows organizations to handle these vital relationships more effectively and efficiently. CRMs gather a broad scope of data that can help your business convert leads and improve client retention. 

For instance, following customer touchpoints with your brand will help sales personnel realize which prospects are more likely to convert. Therefore, they can prioritize client outreach strategies accordingly. When utilized appropriately, CRM tools can have a significant impact on your business development. A survey by Capterra found that 47% of CRM clients said they were able to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Business Class Email

While it is possible to cover the fundamentals of business communication with ordinary personal email accounts, you will lack the specific features of hosted technology. As opposed to using your regular email address [email protected] or a Gmail account, quality vendors will provide you with an email with your custom domain name[email protected], for example. 

Having a business email with your domain name is much more professional and gives credibility to your privately-run business. With this, you get to enjoy increased security by reducing the risks of spamming, malware, and viruses. You also get significantly more storage than you would with a personal email account.

Utilize the Correct Tools to Get the Best Outcomes

Regardless of what business industry or niche you’re in, adopting the correct innovation tools will significantly impact your business. Investing in software that facilitates your daily operations, communication strategies, and collaboration requirements will help you better understand your business’s status, or simply automate basic tasks – enabling you to get the best outcomes.