Software is an essential tool for electrical engineers and necessary for power system functioning. Any software platform that helps power engineers to efficiently handle the network-wide analytics and reporting is valuable and a must have component in their work. 

When it comes to critical infrastructure sectors, utilities and engineers require a platform that is dependable and functionally excellent. 

The function of the software in power systems

Utility assets require dedicated management systems so that power systems work and function in perfect harmony. It is especially true for the infrastructure industry where failure is not an option. These areas need a platform that can seamlessly provide complex analysis, design, and application, and make it accessible at every level. 

Power line software are tools that address a broad spectrum of design and asset management. Power engineers use software to: 

  • reduce calculation or computation time
  • analyse the system in a simple and effective manner
  • proximate analysis for seamless functioning of large complex systems 
  • act as a feasibility assessment tool 
  • guide them in making correct decisions regarding expansion and system maintenance

From power stations to transmission towers, overhead electrical lines and grids, and grounding and lighting systems—application software creates, analyses, and calculates model designs. Apart from analysis software, there are distinct controller software for renewable energy, and protection software for simulating security systems in utility assets.

Power engineering problems require powerful software

As systems increase in size and complexity, the need for software and usage of simulations becomes necessary to work efficiently and effectively. They save the cost required for development of prototypes and increase the feasibility of any project.

The best and the must have software for power engineers should have certain attributes that deliver in efficiency through:

  • significant cost savings,
  • efficient analysis leading to improvements,
  • safety enhancement, and 
  • risk mitigation.

Power engineers work on a variety of power devices and on power conversion dealing with generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power. Thus, the best power line software is one with an integrated platform that enables smarter design, deeper and faster analysis, and real-world impact.

Why Neara is the must have software for power engineers

Power engineering is a challenging and dynamic discipline. Advancements in algorithmic formulations and technology, the need for integration with other disciplines like business, law, etc., environmental constraints in the design and implementation process—all these factors influence power engineering. 

Power engineers are critically responsible for society’s ability to function and develop. There are a lot of subtleties involved in their work and only the best software platform should be their partner.

Neara offers the best digital platform for power engineers. It can perform complex engineering-grade analysis automatically and at a whole-of-network scale. The comprehensive power line software from Neara has:

  • cloud-based, network engineering and design tool
  • network-wide, fully-customizable analytics and reporting platform
  • end-to-end solution for point-cloud data

Thus, power engineers have access to design, analytics, and point cloud in one all-intelligent platform. From designers to managers and innovation teams, every power engineer must have the power of the best software.