Your smartphone is probably one of the most important things you own. There are a host of accessories to buy to go with your phone, but only a few are truly essential. Here are the must-have smartphone accessories everyone should own:

Phone Cases and Screen Protectors

We’ve all seen friends with a phone that shows all the signs of heavy use: a cracked screen, dinged-up edges, and a jammed charging port. Or maybe we’re that friend. The best phone cases and screen protectors can protect your phone from drops, scratches, and a cracked screen. There are also stick-on card holders you can put on the back of your phone case to make your case double as a wallet.

Cases come in all shapes and sizes to suit your individual taste, and with all kinds of patterns: cartoon characters, inspirational quotes, floating glitter pieces, and more. Regardless of what style you choose, you should make sure to find a case that has rounded edges, a hard shell, and a clear opening for your phone’s camera, so you can take good pictures or record video without worrying what will happen to your phone if you drop it.

This is the phone case’s natural companion. A screen protector helps protect the phone’s screen itself from scratches and nicks. It also makes it easier to clean fingerprints, dirt, makeup and the like from the screen. If you’re considering getting a screen protector, make sure to find one that’s easy to apply, doesn’t require cutting, and comes with a smoothing card to prevent air bubbles after you attach it to the screen.


Few things are better than getting lost in your music on your morning commute, walk to class, or while working out. Certain earbuds can provide the clearest possible sound while also allowing you to hear ambient noise for safety; this is an absolute must, especially if you are running outdoors. If blocking out external noise is your objective, noise-canceling models can be explored, although most of these come in headphone form, not earbuds.

There are several different types to choose from: ergonomic in-ear; wired; wireless; and more, in a nearly endless variety of colors. Wireless earbuds have the advantage of creating a streamlined appearance: no more clumsy wires or cords to keep track of. Wired buds, on the other hand, help you avoid the risk of losing your buds on the train or at the gym. What you choose ultimately depends on your lifestyle and preferences.

Power Bank

We’ve all been there: your phone battery at almost zero, but you’re out for the rest of the day and still need to make and receive calls and text messages. Living with a dead phone not only means being temporarily unreachable but also leaves you without access to navigational apps, which isn’t helpful if you’re passing through an unfamiliar neighborhood. What to do?

Power banks have quickly become an essential accessory. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. But how does this technology work?

Simply put, once you charge the bank, you can then use it to charge your mobile devices. This offers both convenience and peace of mind if you find yourself far away from a wall outlet but still need to charge your phone.

Some banks have multiple ports for charging several devices at once. They are compatible with almost any device that charges using a USB-type cable. Just don’t forget to charge your bank so you can use it for your devices!

Most people these days wouldn’t know what to do without their iPhone or Android device at the ready. If you’re one of these people, it’s a good idea to invest in some smartphone accessories. They safeguard from damage, enhance the user experience, and extend the battery life on-the-go. So why wouldn’t you want to accessorize?