Movie Box is an app that can be used to stream the latest movies and TV Shows on your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Streaming of digital content is extremely popular and it has almost killed the cable TV culture. Movie Box is not the first of it’s kind there are multiple services that offer similar characteristics, but Movie Box is in comparison quite unique.

To better understand this lets talk about it’s rivals. Some of Movie Box’s rivals are: Youtube, Netflix, and DVR services like Tivo. Going into details about what these apps are:


Youtube is a peer based network of videos. Anyone can post a video on this website and it can be viewed by anyone as well. The problem is that Youtube has strict copyright laws that do not allow the posting of TV Shows and movies. This is a downfall to what is an otherwise very interesting service.



Netflix is the closest rival of Movie Box. Both essentially are the same thing, but there are a few key differentiators.

  1. Netflix removes content periodically – This means that content is not always available, it is removed after a certain time period.
  2. You must be online to watch content – This means that you cannot save videos for watching offline.
  3. You require extremely high bandwidth – This means that if you are on a limited internet connection, you can be assured that you will have to be very careful to avoid over usage charges.
  4. No options to select streaming bandwidth – You are stuck with whatever bandwidth you are allotted by the servers which may mean that you will experience a different quality of video from time to time.


DVR Services

These types of services are the most different ones. They basically operate using normal broadcasting from networks and using a hard drive system they store content on the set top boxes of the customer’s home which allows them to view the content whenever they want.

The issue with this is that you have to set the timing as to when you want the recordings to be made. If you forget to do so you’ll end up missing out on the content. DVR’s also generally have a very limited storage option that makes you delete older content before you can save new content.


All of these methods have their advantages but, they also have some drawbacks as well.

Movie Box on the other hand is more feature rich and provides a lot more flexibility. It allows for viewing in various bandwidths, which is easily selectable before viewing content. You can store movies and TV shows offline for later viewing. Content is always available on Movie Box and does not get removed or taken down, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on your favorite content.

So you could say that Movie Box is a much better all rounder when compared to it’s competitors. Especially when it comes to ease of use and user interface. It is just extremely simple to operate and manage. This is often an issue with other methods, in particular DVR setups.