Australians have a well-known passion for gambling. Each year, many people lose money playing this infamous hobby, but some also make a lot of money.

Everybody has a different story about how they succeeded, studied, and became the richest and most illustrious Australian competitors. Top sites for australian players have seen a lot of gamblers over the years. This article will list some of them.

Kerry Packer

One of the richest men in Australia, Kerry Packer is no stranger to the casino. In fact, authorities even named a suite after him because he visited the Burswood Casino in Perth so frequently.

After receiving his family’s wealth as an inheritance, Kerry Packer started playing the slots. When Packer’s father passed away in the 1970s, he received a $100 million inheritance that included investments in casinos and television that were undertaken without following the rules. Right now, his family is still in charge of the World Series Cricket and a lucrative casino.

Zeljko Ranogajec 

He is an Australian professional gambler famous for his love of playing high-stakes games. According to certain analysts, he is allegedly the biggest race wager in the world.

He is a singular illustration of a person committed to the goal of becoming an advantage gambler because he forwent a career in academia to do so. In addition, he has a reputation for starting a game with just a few hundred bucks and winning millions. There are speculations that Australia’s top casinos have excluded him due to how much wealth he earned from them.

William Lloyd 

Another famous gambler from Australia is the businessman Lloyd Williams. Llyod owns the Crown Casino in Melbourne, the biggest gaming establishment in Australia. Being one of just four thoroughbred owners in the world to have their horses wins the prestigious Melbourne Cup four times, he is well known for breaking records.

After Kerry Packer passed away, he and David Gonski were appointed co-executors of Packer’s estate.

Alan Woods 

In addition to being one of Australia’s greatest gamblers, Alan Woods was also one of the best and most creative players in the entire globe. He was recognized as one of the top three gamblers in the world when he died in Hong Kong in 2008, and he is still so today.

Woods is a skilled mathematician who was able to use his technical expertise in gaming. He formed the most successful horse racing team ever with a friend. They established a gambling group and began partaking in horse racing. Initially, they had no idea that, despite never having set foot on a race track, they would go on to become one of the most successful teams in horse racing history and completely dominate the market.

David Walsh 

He is famous for earning a great fortune in the industry. Walsh is reportedly the head of the largest gambling organization in the world, according to Australian publications.

The Bank Roll is the name of the 17-member syndicate. The second leader of the club is a well-known player and Walsh’s closest friend, Zeljko Ranogajec. They succeeded in the program for years, making cash.