Travel clothes have a few basic, obvious characteristics. First of all, they should make your trip easy — they shouldn’t weigh too much, and it’s best if they’re conveniently foldable and quite durable. During the ongoing globalization process, production of travel jackets has flourished. But how to pick one that’s just the right choice for you? Let’s find out how to make a smart purchase of a jacket that will serve you well for many years to come.

The essential element — good quality fabric

There’s a wide range of materials of which travel jackets are made of. Most of them are synthetic since they’re lightweight and durable. A blend of cotton and polyester might be a good choice since it’s a compromise between natural materials and synthetic technology (It’s usually called “poly-cotton blend”).

Let’s flip through some basic pros which a good material will provide.

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Resistance to stains. Visit cafes without any worries

If you’re a fan of outdoor dining, this might be a very important feature for you. Every once in a while a good meal leaves some stains on your clothes. During any trip, it’s vital that your travel jacket can be cleaned easily — by hand or with a special washing machine cycle (if you have one in your hotel). Some jackets available on the market are covered with a special, protective anti-stain layer, which makes washing stains off a lot easier. A good choice might also be not to choose bright fabric when you’re picking a jacket.

Wrinkle resistance. Another feature of versatile travel jackets

It’s obvious that you’re not going to the theater, philharmonic or a business meeting in your travel jacket (unless you’re the CEO of some big tech company). It’s not necessary to take care of your travel jacket the same way that you do with suits or elegant tailcoats. Nevertheless, probably nobody likes to show up in the public in wrinkle clothes that look like they’ve been just taken out of your suitcase.

That’s where wrinkle-resistant fabric comes in. It allows you to fold your travel jacket multiple times in your luggage, and not get that wrinkled, unkempt look when you take it out of there. At the same time, it saves your time and money since you’re relieved of having to iron your jacket every single time.

Travel clothes should be as lightweight as possible

Another feature of good travel clothes is that they should be light. Who likes to carry around bags full of clothes that weigh dozens of pounds? If you choose lightweight materials, not only you’re making your overall luggage a lot lighter, but also you’ll get to pack more things (other than clothes) into it. It’s convenient and absolutely necessary for having a good, comfortable trip.

Modern innovations in travel jacket design

As with any clothing product, these jackets have been subject to major aesthetic changes over the last two decades. The main focus of most manufacturers is to provide ease of use, versatility, high quality build and an affordable price. Good examples of this strategy are Babaux’s products, and especially Jay23.

Modern travel jackets are built with innovation and user experience in mind. They have many conveniently designed pockets, sometimes anti-scam features (which protect you from thieves trying to get access to your credit cards). Sometimes designers go even further. For example, Jay23’s hoodies have a very interesting function — they can be converted into spacious backpacks in a matter of seconds. The overall style of Jay23 ULTRA series draws heavily from video game style, making it a perfect choice for professional gamers as well as every video game fan.

Conclusion — how to pick a great travel jacket?

Have every above-mentioned feature in mind. It’s obvious that not every jacket or hoodie will have all of them — practical design is the art of compromise. Try to think about main activities which you’re going to perform while wearing the jacket of your choice. Is it jogging or cycling? Or just sightseeing and visiting museums and cafes? Choose the fabric accordingly, and the jacket will serve you for many years.