Do you want to start your own business from the comfort of your home? The Modern Millionaires training program promises to teach you how. But does it teach you anything or it’s yet another scam? 

The idea of online income attracts all (including scammers) but it is easier said than done. Almost all courses promise to make you millionaires in a matter of months. You will find some insane success stories shared by the founders.

The Internet has created several opportunities for people looking to start their own business. Modern Millionaires will help you take advantage of one of those opportunities. Let’s read the review and know more about that “opportunity”. 

What’s the Modern Millionaires course all about?

The Modern Millionaires uses lead flipping as the business model. Lead flipping is quite like property flipping. You generate the leads and flip them at a profit. The course teaches you everything. You will learn how to generate leads and find potential buyers.

Who is behind this course?

Abdul Samad and Chance Anthony Welton are the two guys behind this course. Both are self-made entrepreneurs. And like any other course, you will get to read about their “amazing” story. What makes it more trustworthy is the fact that you can find real companies owned by them. It’s better than having nothing but a couple of beach or mansion images as the proof. 

Analyzing the course contents:

The proof of the pudding is in the tasting. You cannot analyze a course without looking at the course contents. We have found many Modern Millionaires reviews where the author hasn’t even taken a look.

Here’s what you will learn:

Module 1 – The Foundation

The first module is more like a warm up. There’s little action but lots of stretching and getting in the right frame of mind. The most valuable part of this module is the niche selection. When you are targeting the local market, niche selection can make or break your business. The module doesn’t leave you with tips though. You will get a list of 100+ niches to choose from. You might not be able to come up with 20 or 25 on your own.

Module 2 – Get the Buyers

Second module gets straight to the point. You will learn how to find potential buyers. This is important because it helps you line up the buyers before spending on lead generation. You will learn how to find the right prospects. The course talks about the outreach methods in detail. You will get tips and templates to make your life easier. This part is the most challenging one. Many people are reluctant when doing cold calls or outreach. Sales is not everybody’s cup of tea. But the learning material and resources in this module will make it as easy as possible.  

Module 3 – Generate leads

The third module has three parts and this is where the action begins. The module introduces the two most powerful mediums of targeting potential customers. You might already know them if you have some experience of online marketing. These are Google and Facebook Ads. Google Ads are the best way to target people searching for a product or service. Let’s say you are looking to generate leads for a handyman service business. All you need is to bid for keywords like kitchen remodeling or door installation. Facebook ads are the next best thing. You can target people based on their demographics, age, behaviors, or interests. Facebook leads are often cheaper than Google leads. This module also explains lead nurturing. You must know how to nurture leads if you want to be profitable in this business. Paid traffic is not cheap. You need to make the most of this traffic by setting up email campaigns or remarketing. 

Module 4 – Automate the system

The last module explains how to automate the entire system. The sooner you can automate, the better. Many entrepreneurs get so stuck in the day-to-day business that they never get to enjoy the success. Early automation is the answer because you do not want to do everything on your own. If you do, you will expect the same dedication or perfection from the employees. You need to learn the art of delegating tasks if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur.   

How much do the modern millionaires cost?

By now, you will have a good idea of what you are going to get in the course. Knowing this can help you decide if it’s worth the price or not. The course has a small entry fee but you need to pay a considerable amount to get your hands on everything. This includes some custom tools they have built to simplify the process. You will also need to have some budget for paid advertising. You might need to have an initial investment of around $5000. This might sound like a big amount but it’s nothing when you look at the potential. Business coaches or mentors charge more for a few hours sessions. The course is not for you if you are looking for a small income with zero investment. You can consider other ways to make money like working as a virtual assistant. Remember that they have a monthly installment system as well so you don’t need to pay all this upfront.

What’s good about the Modern Millionaires course?

  1. The course is not too short or too long. They have got into the details when needed. But there are no unnecessary lectures or modules. 
  2. The course has the right action plan. It starts from finding potential buyers and closing deals. This minimizes the risk. Imagine spending a few thousand dollars on generating leads and finding no buyers. 
  3. Lead flipping has tremendous growth potential. Once you have got a hang of things, you can grow into a new vertical or market. 
  4. You are targeting local customers. This makes life so easy because you do not have to compete with hundreds and thousands of businesses. 
  5. The support system is top-notch. Both Abdul and Chance are active in the community (more on that later). There are other coaches as well. You will get your answers to any problem within a few hours.
  6. You have an advantage when reaching out to local businesses. They are more likely to trust a local fellow that they can call or meet compared to an online agency. 
  7. The Modern Millionaires course is more focused on lead flipping. It’s not the only way you can use this training. There are other ways like starting a consultancy business. You can also consider setting up your own service-based business for big profits. 
  8. You will learn some in-demand skills like Google ads or FB ads management.

What’s not good about the course?

  1. It’s important that you know a little about online marketing or lead generation. The course explains everything from scratch but prior knowledge will help. Otherwise, you will be discouraged easily.
  2. PPC campaigns will take some time before you start getting a positive ROAS. This can add a lot of pressure in the early days.
  3. You have to be self-organized and disciplined to succeed with any online business. It is easy to get distracted and procrastinate in these kinds of businesses.

The Modern Millionaires Facebook Group:

A course without an active community is good for nothing. There are so many ways that you can get stuck despite having the best guidelines. This is where the community members can help. You will also get a lot of motivation and inspiration by looking at the other’s success stories. You will also get a lot of new ideas. The Modern Millionaires Facebook group gets a lot of posts on a daily basis. There are workshops and zoom sessions organized by the coaches. you will never feel left out.

How much money can you make by flipping leads?

The sky’s the limit. But your first goal should be to reach the breakeven point. As earlier mentioned, it is easy to scale. You do not have to buy large inventories, hire extra staff, or rent a new, bigger office. All you need is a new niche to target.  

Are Modern Millionaires a scam or legit training program?

You must have got your answer by now. The Modern Millionaires is not a scam. It has its strong points and weak points but it is a legit business idea. You can check Abdul and Chance’s YouTube channels for success stories. Students have managed to make a living with this idea. The demand has grown manifolds in the post-covid world. The course has a very positive rating on platforms like BBB or TrustPilot. All in all, it is a legit training program.