As society becomes more dependent on their cell phones and relies on the capabilities of their smartphones, it’s even more frustrating than ever to have a weak signal. If you are constantly experiencing signal loss in your home or office, it can become even more frustrating as you risk critical communication errors. The best way to combat this issue is to install a mobile phone signal booster and improve reception in key areas. This article can serve as a guide to everything you need to know about amplifying your cell signal.

Causes of Poor Reception

There are two main reasons why a signal may become weak: either you are too far from the base tower, or there are buildings that obstruct the signal. It’s even worse if both causes act together, as you may experience total dead zones.


Different providers have distinct coverage areas which rely on cell towers to distribute and transmit signals to cell phones. Many times, these towers are purposely located to provide the greatest range of coverage, however the farther you are from a tower the weaker your signal will be.

How many times have you had to stand outside a building to finish your call, because you know when you go inside, your phone will lose reception? Most likely, the building’s construction is blocking the signal from reaching your phone.

What is a Signal Booster?

A mobile phone signal booster is the solution to dropped calls and low signal. These devices amplify the current cell signal to other areas of your home or office. Consisting of an outdoor antenna, an indoor antenna, an amplifier, and a power source, a signal booster will broadcast a better signal to all mobile phones in the house. The external antenna, whether omni, which is multidirectional, or yagi, which needs to be pointed directly toward the closest tower, receives the nearest cell signal and passes it via a cable to the amplifier inside the home. The signal is then transmitted throughout the build by way of the indoor antenna.

How to Choose the Right Booster

You want to make sure that you use a signal booster appropriate to the cell service provider you use. Also, determine the size of the area you need to cover, and be sure that the amplifier can handle that footage. You may need to install more than one booster if you want to boost signal through multiple floors, however it’s important to use a power splitter so as not to reduce effectiveness of the boosting.

There are different amplifiers available, depending on the type of signal (GSM, Wi-Fi, or 3G) you want to increase. The selection tool at makes it easy to determine exactly what mobile phone signal booster will work best for you.