The present generation finds it hard to imagine life without having their cell-phones at hand.  But ever wondered how and when your handy mobile phone was invented? Well, facts state that the invention of cell phone dates back to 1980 when their sizes were humongous and prices were hefty.

If you did not bother to know till now, its high time you enrich your knowledge on the interesting advent of one of the greatest human inventions so far.  Here is an amazing infographic from Broadband Choices where you find an artistic graphical depiction of the history of cellphones.

With the vivid pictorial description of the times (eighties) when the real big phones (like the Motorola Dyna TAC 8000×83 and the Nokia Talkman) came into the picture to the emergence of the ultramodern smartphones of today, through a journey of evolvement of the nineties and the early years of the 21st century, you get to know how the enormous sized cellphones eventually turned smaller and slimmer.

Remember that very popular Nokia tune? When did it make its first debut in a phone? When the first TV advert on cellphone  was released? You find answers to many such interesting questions here.

The delightful reading segments like Apple vs Android debate and smartphones outselling computers for the first time can’t be missed out. And yeah, don’t forget to go through  the brief and apt pictorial accounts of future cellphone features.