If you have ever sold or purchased a home, you know how extravagant a commission is. Housing-Real Estate & Property is an application that decreases these charges by permitting you to purchase and offer a home without the need of land agents. This app is beneficial as it shows maximum number of choices available and it is very simple to install. There is no charge for using this app and this is the main benefit of this app. This application can help you in many ways no matter whether you want to sell you old house or you’re searching for new home. The application will help you incorporate photographs and elements of your home, and even help recognize the perfect asking cost.


Why I Found This App Helpful For Me?

I have used this property search app while I was buying house last year and believe me this app proves very beneficial to me when I was searching the house at Okhla location in Delhi then one of my friend told about this wonderful app. I have downloaded this app on my cell phone that is very simple to operate with numerous functionalities. I have found the house according to my requirement as this app provides many options to filter the search. It helps me in finding the house that was under my budget and according to my requirements and needs that is its close proximity to the locations like my office, school and other places. If you want the house at specific location that you filter the location and it will display the houses available in that particular location. And it will regularly notify you whenever there is availability of house of your choice. You can also filter the other requirements like parks, schools, hospitals and banks etc

Use of This App by Different Class of People

Some people wants expensive and luxury houses that are well furnished and are equipped with every world class amenities. Whereas some cannot bear expensive houses so they just require a good home at good location. This app is beneficial in both the cases no matter costly or cheap, small or large every kind of property is available at this app. They can filter their search by mentioning location, prices, facilities they require. This app is simple to use and has number of features like:

  • You can upload the picture of your house that you are selling or you can view the picture of the house you want to buy.
  • You can filter the search according to your need and requirement
  • It is very simple to install and easy to use
  • More listing
  • You will be updated whenever there is a property for sale
  • This app is available in many cities like Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai etc.

Housing-Real Estate & Property provides help to all class of people because there are number properties available on this site no matter costly or cheap. From spacious apartment to small house it can offer you every type of property you require.


Use of Housing-Real Estate & Property for Different Purposes

This app is not only helpful in buying and selling houses but also it will help you in finding houses on rent. You can houses on rent at different at different place according to your need and budget. I don’t know about other properties app but Housing-Real Estate & property search app proves very helpful to me