In today’s world, marketing for most organizations has turned into one of the most demanding sectors of their business strategy, with more channels currently in existence than at any other time in history. This presents a wide variety of opportunities, but it also presents a sizable challenge. 

Without a major league budget, organizations can struggle to give the right amount of attention to their marketing efforts. Spending can quickly get out of control when you’re paying a marketing agency or massive in-house team to properly communicate a uniform brand voice across all channels. And what’s more, when you have so many channels that directly speak to your past, present, and future customer base, it grows increasingly difficult to maintain customer satisfaction when that satisfaction is delivered through seven, eight, nine, and even ten different marketing pipelines. 

Mitto Delivers Modern Marketing Solutions

Luckily, the team at Mitto has become one of the leading platforms for delivering the tools and support needed to create a productive, top-tier dialogue between brands and their customer bases. 

Leadership began noticing the need for a more efficient way for brands to communicate in a more engaging way with customers — not only using the right dialogue but doing it through the right avenues. “With digitization, the pressure is on for brands to communicate effectively with their customers on the channels they want, when they want, and with messages, they resonate with,” according to Ilja Gorelik. It was from this line of thinking that Mitto was born, growing into a platform that’s been able to help multiple brands from across a wide range of industries optimize their customer support process through omnichannel marketing. 

Recent case studies have proven just how impactful Mitto has been — working with major players in some of the most fiercely competitive markets in existence. The team at Mitto has been hard at work crunching data to create modern marketing solutions, as referenced in the following case studies. 

Omnichannel Marketing In the Airline Industry

It’s no secret that the holiday season is one of the most important times of the year for the airline industry. With every major airline jockeying for a position in the marketing world, it takes a village to craft the right plan to reach customers in the right way and through the right channels. 

Coming off a downtrodden travel season last year, Mitto looked into how airlines can get customers back on board, literally, and gear up for a busy holiday season. 

The team at Mitto discovered that 40% of airline customers prefer to be kept up to date via SMS text message during the busiest times of the year. With a universal open rate of a whopping 98%, the platform demonstrated how airline marketing could leverage SMS to invite prior customers back to places they thoroughly enjoyed or frequented often in the past. 

Offering discounts and promotions via this form of marketing is an effective way to ramp up holiday ticket sales. In addition, data has proven that over 50% of potential ticket purchasers click away when the total price of a ticket is fired. However, if they want to travel, it’s something they can’t get around, and most revisit their preferred platform within a week to finish their purchase. 

By using omnichannel marketing to allow customers to check in directly from their phones, in addition to being able to print them from a mobile kiosk right inside the airport. These are the strategies that end up being game changers, especially during the busiest time of year. 

Conversational Marketing and Gen-Z

It’s already a widely understood fact that most consumers, 90%, to be exact, prefer to be contacted on their preferred channel. Through research into various Gen-Z e-commerce customers, Mitto has highlighted the importance of omnichannel marketing for brands looking to make an impact on customer support and the buying process.

During the checkout process, speed is a critical part of the equation, as most Gen-Z consumers expect a 2FA. Deploying strategies like pay-by-link and important customer engagement tools like direct messaging and SMS solutions. Communicating with customers directly during the decision-making and buying process is a powerful form of conversational marketing that can help a company send its conversion rates to the moon. 

E-commerce platforms like Shopify began implementing these methods through its apps, but Mitto has taken it to the next level, offering multiple forms of business messaging and end-to-end phone number management. 

Leveraging these options is most important when it comes to dealing with Generation Z and Millennials, which together make up the largest demographic in the retail market, period. If it seems like buyers are getting younger, it’s because they are — and communication is key to these groups — and the team at Mitto knows it. 

Mitto has even proved invaluable for smaller companies in areas where this form of marketing isn’t widely deployed. 

Growsari Increases ROI

Growsari is a B2B e-commerce newcomer that plays a vital role in the over one-million mom-and-pop shops in the Philippines. The organization is playing a pivotal role in upgrading the technologies that these shops, often owned by boomer-aged proprietors, use to manage their infrastructure. 

So what does Growsari do for its clients? They offer electronic services like WiFi, bill-pay, and other modern, efficient ways to maximize their revenue — things that we so often take for granted in the US. Because they’re in an area that’s not conducive to efficient data-based communications, it takes a top-notch effort to pull off what they’re trying to do on such a large scale. 

They found the organizations they partnered with to provide SMS solutions just weren’t efficient, and many of Growsari’s clients incurred critical challenges that could potentially be disastrous. On top of this, their services were far too costly for Growsari to maintain any scalable strategy. 

Mitto’s top-tier customer support solutions and general ease of use allowed Growsari to deploy their new SMS API, and the results were incredible. Immediately, they were able to cut costs by 30% and offer a far better-integrated solution for their large customer base. 

FIIZY Becomes More Sustainable

FIIZY is an organization that connects businesses and different banks and lenders to offer multi-lender financing options to regular consumers. The onboarding process at FIIZY, along with their access to powerful data, helps financial institutions maintain higher conversion rates. 

After partnering with several lackluster communications and omnichannel platform providers, FIIZY actively searched for a more suitable alternative that would empower them to keep their fingers on the pulse of the important KPIs that make their customer experience next-level. 

With the help of Mitto, FIIZY was able to deploy SMS and WhatsApp APIs to offer immediate customer service, allowing them to address any onboarding issues in real-time for their clients. Through these implementations, FIIZY has consistently maintained a sustainable and uniform quality that all its clients can count on. 

Big Results, Simple Solution

As significant as the results are that Mitto’s platform is driving, according to their COO Ilja Gorelik, the bottom line is simple. “New messaging channels will always be emerging. While I don’t have a crystal ball as to which the next big messaging channel will be, I do know it’s an exciting opportunity for marketers to once again reach their customers at the channel they feel most comfortable communicating on.” By offering effective omnichannel strategies, Mitto has been able to develop a platform that does just that.