There are some best practices to keep tabs on when using AV equipment. Considering how delicate electronic equipment is, you have to learn how to properly take care of it to prevent avoidable damage. If you want your AV control systems to last as long as it should, you have to avoid the following handling mistakes:

Work With Trained Staff

If your equipment requires multiple people to manage, ensure you train your workers before allowing them access to the equipment. Having only knowledgeable people manage your audio-visual system will prevent undesirable outcomes like damaging your equipment. On the other hand, if access to your equipment is not regulated, your devices are not safe.

Not Following Manufacturer’s Instructions

Every equipment comes with a manual that outlines vital information about the product, ranging from industry specifications and management procedures. Ignoring equipment manual comes with a price. You will know how to keep and manage an AV device through the manufacturer’s guidelines. You are more likely to make grave mistakes with severe financial consequences when you fail to follow the guidelines.

Improper Connection

One of the fastest ways to predispose your devices to destruction is by allowing everyone access to it. Only well trained staff should be allowed to connect equipment or use it. Using a cord incorrectly can cost you a piece of equipment. Do not use a cord made for device A to connect another device. Improper connection has severe consequences, ranging from minor faults to total damage to the equipment. Having used professional AV control solutions since 2005, it is advisable to permit only well experienced workers to do connections.

Keeping Equipment in Extreme Conditions

Keep your devices away from dust, moisture and elevated temperature. Dust, when left unchecked, can block vents and impair the dissipation of heat. This leads to overheating capable of damaging the internal part of a device. High temperature has the same effect, while moisture causes damage by making equipment components to rust. As a general rule, keep your AV systems in a cool, dry place.